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We have some exciting news for all Canadians this weekend. September 4th is International Bacon Day, and to celebrate the Republic of Bacon is giving away 10,000 coupons of Maple Leaf Reclosable Bacon to their Canadian fans on Facebook. To qualify for the free bacon Canadians will only have to “Like” The Official Republic of Bacon fanpage and fill out a form with their mailing address.

The bacon being given away is the only available reclosable bacon in Canada, adding that extra convenience to the bacon cooking process. It’s also made so that it is easy to fork out each piece of bacon individually, instead of getting your hands messy.

International Bacon day is celebrated annually on the Saturday before Labor Day, started in 2004 by a group of CU Boulder University Students. Celebrations are about enjoying Bacon with friends and family, and trying new bacon creations!

Why are we doing this? Simple, we asked our readers what they wanted most from our glorious republic. What did our readers/fellow bacon lovers/bacon ethusiants want? Free bacon!

We went one step further and thought it would be unfair to just give free Maple Leaf Reclosable bacon just to our fans. Why not give out more? That is why we decided to even allow our readers friends and family to get involved. That way everyone gets Free Maple Leaf Bacon!

All you need to do is head over to our Facebook Fan page and claim your coupon. The coupon will be mailed to you and is only eligable for Canadian residents. We only have 10,000 coupons to give out, make sure you become a Facebook Fan right now.

Don’t forget, you can also follow us on Twitter, Flickr and Youtube.

Update: We have reached the 10,000 mark. The promotion is now closed.