Bacon is certainly very versatile – with many different variations, flavours, and types offered, making it one of the most popular food items in North America.

However, some of these varieties are just SO creative, I absolutely had to conjure up a list to share with you some of the most amazing bacon foods you’d never imagine in your wildest dreams, and yes, each and every one of the items on this list are 100% real.

1) Peanut Butter Bacon Burgers

- Made only available for a trial one week period at Stake Shack in New York City, these peanut-butter/bacon filled burgers were an absolute hit. Unfortunately, the one-week trial ended and the burger is no longer produced, however there are plans to quickly reintroduce a refined version of the burger in late 2010. Probably a good idea too – line-ups were said to go around the block to purchase one of these burgers during production. Canadian version anyone?!

2) Maple Bacon Lattes

- It’s a freakin’ latte made to taste like bacon. And it actually tastes really, really good. In a world of mint, vanilla, chocolate induced lattes, it’s nice to see some variety enter the market and I’m definitely all for it!

3) Bacon-Flavoured Water

- Perfect for those summer evenings grilling bacon on the barbecue for those of us who choose not to have a beer. What goes perfectly with grilling bacon? The taste of bacon in liquid form of course!

4) Bacon-Flavoured Lip Balm

- Now you’re a true bacon lover if you like this one. Pucker up! Maybe a gift for the Mrs. or for yourself… bacon on your lips all the time?? I wonder if it makes my lips shiny.

5) Bacon-Flavoured Coffee Syrup

- Perfect if you can’t make it to a cafe that offers bacon-flavoured lattes, don’t sweat it – make your own version at home with this syrup!

6) Bacon Gumballs

- These are really good. The taste is subtle enough that it doesn’t interfere with the gum-chewing experiences, and yet powerful enough that it still manages not to be overbearing. You have to try this at least once in your lifetime if you’re a bacon lover!

7) Bacon Lollipops

- Similar to the bacon gumballs, these are sure to take your taste buds on a wild ride they will soon never forget!

8 ) Baconnaise

- This stuff is awesome! It’s a bacon-spread hybrid that combines the best elements of mayonnaise and bacon. Try some of this on rye toast with him and cheese and I guarantee you’ll have a new favourite snack food!

9) Bacon-Flavoured Chocolate

-Quite simply, if you’re a bacon lover, then this is the ideal dessert idea for you. The combination of simultaneously salty and sweet flavours is an unbelievable taste you’ll have to try for yourself to truly understand.

10) Bacon-Flavoured Cheese

- Top up your favourite sandwich with some bacon-flavoured cheese and get ready to experience a flavour explosion like never before. If you’re feeling super adventurous, try making a sandwich with bacon-flavoured cheese, baconnaise spread, and bacon water to drink. While most people would get their bacon fix for a week with this combo, I’d probably be satisfied for an hour or two. But then again, they don’t call me BaconLover for nothing.

Don’t take my word for it folks. (Well you could and should, I do LOVE me some bacon) What item on this list are you most likely to try yourself?

Do you have a creative use for bacon that hasn’t been discussed or even thought of yet by anyone else? Please, share! I’m always looking for new and creative ways to enjoy my bacon!