A river made from Canadian born milk cows, milk buttered pancakes made from the tender love and touch of a mother. The strawberries were picked at the precious moment and are filled with a surge of flavour. The egg yoke (the sun) and clouds (egg whites) radiate downward on the beloved mountain of bacon.

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We had a couple packages of Maple Leaf Recloseable bacon left and we thought to ourselves. What could we possibly do besides eating this delicious meat? A majority of the people thought, maybe give it to Chef Rob Bacon to make us some awesome food. It was around lunch time and a lot of people were getting hungry. Then our little photographer friend, who just stopped in to say hi. Asked us if he could make a mountain out of it.  After we all stopped laughing from his ridiculous statement. We started to seriously consider it.

We handed over 5 packs of Maple Leaf Bacon and a small minuscule budget of $100 for props (lights, camera and miscellaneous costs not included). Plus, the only rule was all props and objects had to be breakfast related.

Above is the final product.  Click here for a higher resoltuion.

How amazing is this? This scenic picture makes me want to eat it. What do you think of our Bacon mountain? Have you seen anything more beautiful then this mountain of bacon? Leave your comments below.