It’s never too early to start thinking about buying gifts for that bacon loving loved one in your family. I’m inspired to write this post because the other day I actually saw a little kid with a piece of bacon wrapped around his finger – at least that’s what I thought it was at first glance. Upon closer examination of said child’s finger, I noticed that this “piece of bacon” was not a piece of bacon at all, but rather an adhesive bandage designed to look like a piece of bacon.

This absolutely fascinates me. It really caught my attention and I actually think it’s a great idea for us bacon lovers out there.

Don’t simply take my word for it however. Check out this top 10 bacon inspired gift ideas for any bacon lover out there and I guarantee they’ll be more than thrilled to receive any one of these gifts:

1. Bacon Adhesive Bandages – how could this not be the first on the list? Even cooler when seen in person!

2. Bacon Watch available online, this is actually a watch with wrist straps made to look like actual bacon. (It isn’t actually bacon though, and attempting to eat that ever-so-delicious wrist strap in public makes for some awkward social situations, take my word for it.)

3. Bacon Wallet it’s a wallet designed to look like bacon. What more could a bacon lover want?

4. Bacon-Flavoured Mints OK, this is where the list REALLY gets interesting. I’ve actually tried one of these before and they’re surprisingly good. Still predominantly “minty” tasting with a hint of bacon, it’s a good mix.

5. Bacon Dental Floss pretty self-explanatory stuff here. If you’re a bacon lover then you HAVE to try this.

6. Bacon Air Freshener There is actually scientific evidence demonstrating that there is a distinct chemical reaction created while cooking bacon that creates an addictive, pleasant smell. This freshener replicates that smell.

7. Bacon Pillow a pillow shaped to look and feel (OK, OK, not feel, but how cool would that be?) like bacon! Brilliant!

8. Bacon Scarves a blanket shaped to look and feel (once again, it doesn’t really feel like bacon)

9. Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies an especially good idea for Valentine’s Day. You can either buy the mix and make it yourself, or go to a bakery and have them made. Either way they are absolutely delicious.

10. Bacon! – Seriously, this is a BACON lover’s top 10 gift idea guide. There really is no other substitute for the real thing. If the person you are buying for is a true bacon lover, they’ll be satisfied with the real deal. Get creative and decorate the box or present it in an interesting way. (Bacon wrapping paper perhaps?)

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I want to hear what you all think! Bacon gifts, yay or nay?