Bacon is so good that, if you are like me, you’ll want to play with it. I know that some people frown on bacon games, but I’m always looking for ways to spend more time with my bacon. I think you should be encouraged to have fun with this magical food, too.

Here are some great ways to play with your bacon:

Steal the Bacon

First of all, there is always “Steal the Bacon.” Get your head out of the gutter – it’s nothing like that! This game, created by Boy Scouts, is when two teams fight over bacon. Sounds good already! Both teams wait on the opposite sides of a field. A piece of bacon (the game suggests substituting a bean bag for some bacon, but why would you do that?) is placed in the centre, and scouts on either team are named. If one of the team’s scouts gets back to where he started with the bacon and without getting tagged, his team gets a point. However, if a team’s scout gets tagged, the tagging team gets the point. Game proceeds until a set number of points is earned and the winner is named. The rules are unclear, but I think that the winning team obviously gets to eat the bacon, while the losing team has to cook it. Seems only fair.

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato

This online computer game is surprisingly hard for such a simple concept: you have to make a BLT in a limited amount of time by using your mouse to click on ingredients. Sounds easy? Well, the problem is that you have to click on all of the ingredients as they fly around the room (apparently you are making your sandwich in zero gravity), and unless you have a high quality joystick and lightning fast reflexes, you are going to spend most of your time hitting the wrong ingredients.

The one big plus for this game is that it does encourage you to use two pieces of bacon. However, if this were my game, everything between the two slices of bread would be optional. I mean, who eats the tomato in a BLT anyway? (And where’s the mayo??)

My verdict: loses points for lack of bacon flexibility, but making bacon sandwiches is always a winner in my books.

Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure Board Game

This is for the true game-playing bacon afficiando. Not only is your game about bacon – you literally get to pretend you are a piece of bacon who is trying to get to a frying pan! This is everything you could want in a game. Obstacles to avoid include Mustard Marsh and Weiner Wasteland. (I’m not sure why mustard is something bacon needs to avoid.) Play continues until your playing piece gets prepared in the giant frying pan. Mmmmmmmm.

What do you think of these bacon games? Do you know of any good bacon games that you could share with the rest of us?