If you are in the New York City area on October 15-17 we recommend checking out Bacon-Palooza. Bacon-Palooza is a celebration of all  things bacon, with all of the proceeds going to help kids with autism.

John Ordover created the event to bring people together from different walks of life, in his words:

“”My son is autistic, and I’m always looking for ways to raise money to help autistic children. I chose bacon not only because ‘everything is better with bacon’ but because bacon crosses over multiple interest groups and social worlds.”

A generous supply of Bacon Hors d’Oeuvres will be served throughout the weekend and at the Open Bar (after 6pm) try the BaKon Vodka or our specialties the BaKon.L.T. and the BaKon-N-Egg Cream.

The schedule for the event is as follows

FRI - 6pm to 10pm 6:00pm: Show Room Open: Sample Your Favorite Bacon Products!

8:00pm: The Sugar-Cured Singers

8:30pm: The Sizzling Bacon Burlesque of Miss Minnie Tonka.

9:00pm: Baconstrip Flicks

SAT - 2pm to 11pm 2:00pm: Show Room Open: Sample Your Favorite Bacon Products!

2:30pm: Gourmet Bacon Tasting

5:00pm: Bacon Eating Contest

8:00pm: The Song Styling of The Goddess Pearlman

8:15pm: Comedian Rob Paravonian

8:30pm: The Bacon Bits Present


featuring Rebecca DrysdaleEliza Skinner and friends!

SUN - 1pm to 4pm A classy Bacon Brunch featuring bacon bacon eggs fruit and bacon!

To get tickets, and learn more check out http://www.bacon-palooza.org/index.php

Bacon brings out the best in people – John Ordover