Life just got that much better.

Two of my all time favourite things in the world are coming together in a wonderful music-meat hybrid, Katy Perry, and bacon. Yes, that’s correct; Katy Perry has recently stated her desire to have a meat-theme predominant throughout her next album. While I assume her comments to be taken partially tongue in cheek, it would be particularly interesting to see this actually come to fruition – especially seeing as her fiancée, Russell Brand, is notably a vegetarian.

Katy did come out and explicitly tell Q Magazine that “for my next album I’d like it to be about meat and I’d want to be on the cover wearing a bacon bikini.

Katy, please do us all a favour and follow through with this claim! Katy Perry in a bacon bikini is the epitome of what I as a bacon lover want to see in the near future.

The idea of bacon clothing certainly isn’t a new one either. The Internet is chalk-full of images ranging from bacon t-shirts, bacon bras, and even bacon suits! I for one just want to see Katy Perry added to this list of bacon indulging personalities!

So why do this to us Katy? Yes, it’s probably just an elaborate ploy or her poking fun at her treats and candy filled newly released album, but if there is even a glimmer of validity to what Katy is saying then I’m all for it. Of course, she’s probably just doing it to get the hopes of us bacon enthusiasts up, only to crush those hopes swiftly.

Which is why I, Andrew Back Bacon, pledges that if Katy Perry actually wears a Bacon bikini. I will personally deliver her all the bacon she wants. Let’s be serious, we know the best bacon in the world is from Canada. I personally think Katy Perry needs to be ‘dressed’ in the best quality bacon the world has to offer. Plus, to cut costs, I will personally deliver it. :)

I will get to the bottom of this!

I do however dream of a better tomorrow, one whereby we will see Katy Perry in a bacon bikini. Is that too much to ask? Who else would you like to see in a bacon swimwear?

Image by samborowski