People all around the world enjoy bacon. Here at the Republic of Bacon, we are ceaselessly searching the globe for new ways to enjoy it. In Mexico, they have found a particularly delicious way to enjoy them: Mexicano Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs.

Mexicano Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs are what they sound like: hot dogs that are wrapped in bacon and then cooked. The resulting combination is predictably delicious. The crispiness of the bacon contrasts with the sizzling softness of a juicy hot dog.

Mexicano hot dogs have been around for awhile – the story goes that an enterprising hot dog vendor in Mexico City invented the treat in the 50s. The Mexicans, were simply the first people to seriously take up the suggestion.

Whatever the origin of the bacon dog, it soon spread to all of Mexico, and it has adapted itself to the various regions of that country. It has since spread north into California and Arizona. Many of these places also claim to have invented it. (Everyone wants to think they’ve invented it!) And depending on where you find it, it might be called a Tijuana dog or a Sonoran hot dog.

Marketing Campaign

Los Angelenos are particularly fond of the bacon-wrapped hot dog. Considered one of the city’s signature dishes, there was even a campaign recently underway to have the bacon-wrapped hot dog named the “official hot dog of LA” (I’m imagining there wasn’t much competition.) Tuscon, Arizona also claims a huge affinity for the dish. Tuscon was also one of the first cities that helped popularize the bacon dog and brought it to wider attention.

How to Make a Mexicano Hot Dog

The Mexicano hot dog is fairly easy to make: just wrap a hot dog in a slice of bacon and throw it on a grill for a little while. Mexicans probably don’t use a George Forman-type grill, but these can work perfectly. The toppings are up to you, but a true Mexicano hot dog doesn’t use a lot of condiments – you want to make sure that the flavour comes through. Some purists even so far as to say that cheese can never be used. A nice sprinkling of some fairly Mexican condiments – like grilled jalapenos, onions or pico de gallo – is recommended. As is ketchup, which compliments the salty flavour of the bacon.

What toppings would you use on a Mexicano hot dog?

Image source by jenni ripley