Murray Sattler has been crowned with the prestigious title of producing the best bacon in New Zealand.

Sattler, who is also infamously called “Buzz the Butcher”, which is a phenomenal nickname in and of itself, received the call Monday informing him that his bacon is best.

New Zealand’s Annual Bacon Competition requires contestants to submit a portion of their bacon to be cooked and judged by the officials over the weekend in Petone. Sattler sent his “middle-eye” bacon to be judged, which he describes as the sirloin steak of bacon. I’m getting hungry just thinking about this!

The size and scale of the event is quite large – with over 24 judges tasting 184 different types of bacon. They are judged on different criteria such as texture, shape, aroma, etc. – both cooked and uncooked.

I’m thinking that it is absolutely integral that we begin an event similar to this here in Canada. There are a lot of benefits to be had, aside from the obvious exposure bacon would get. With bacon sales expected to rise this year, it would be great to see a competition of this magnitude come to fruition around here. I know I’d gladly participate whether it be in the role of a contestant (I’ve got a number of interesting bacon recipes I think the world should experience), or as a judge.

I don’t think it’s entirely far-fetched either. With the amount of bacon companies involved in this country, it would be a great opportunity for them to gain some exposure and prestige associate with their bacon brands. The competition would inject life and excitement into the market and would give companies something to strive to work better toward. Moreover, winning, or finishing well in the competition would prove vital for one’s business – Sattler, who won this year’s competition and placed second last year, has seen a 10% increase in his bacon sales in the year following his second place finish. That number is expected to increase with his first place finish this year. Winning is good business, and I’d expect a competition like this in North America to spike bacon sales in similar fashion. Bacon lovers of the world united in experiencing bacon to the fullest, while ultimately crowning a bacon champion sounds like an opportunity for an amazing event that I think has potential to be economically and leisurely successful.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to formally declare my running for a judge’s position if and when this competition ever comes to fruition. Getting to taste bacon from all over the country cooked with different styles, recipes, and flavours? Count me in!

Would you like to see a similar competition introduced in North America? If so, how would you structure it, or what would you like to see it introduced differently than the New Zealand competition? Or is it just an overrated event with little to no meaning?

Image Source from Facebook