Campfire season is rapidly dwindling as the weather gets colder. However, if you do have an opportunity to go to a campfire, you might think of trying to prepare a very traditional form of bacon: Gypsy Bacon.

Like many things to do with the Gypsies, there is not much idea of where it came from. But this form of bacon cooking has been around for years, and is still practiced by Gypsies around the world. Portable and delicious, it is an easy way to prepare bacon when you are constantly moving around and do not have access to a stove.

What is Involved

Similar to Hungarian bacon, Gypsy bacon is prepared with garlic and paprika. These additives give it a very pungent, rich flavour. The other main difference is the way it is prepared. After slicing, individual pieces of bacon are skewered on a stick and held over a campfire. It is generally accepted that you should use a stick you’ve found in the forest to skewer the bacon rather than a stainless steel implement – it’ll add to the earthy, smoky flavour of the bacon. Heck, if one of the slices of bacon falls off your stick and onto the dirt, just pick it up, burn off the dirt and continue – it’s how the Gypsies did it.

TIP: You should also consider collecting some of the fat that drips from the bacon to cook vegetables with your meal.

Once the bacon is cooked, put it on a slice of dark rye bread. You can also put some baked bean and red onions as traditional toppings on your Gypsy bacon sandwich. Gypsy or Hungarian bacon sandwichs are packed with flavour. A lot more flavour in a Hungarian bacon sandwich then a Canadian bacon sandwich. No doubt in mind mind that this is the best (one of the best) campfire sandwiches to have. The baked beans you can cook by opening a can of beans and just leaving them on some stones in the middle of the fire’s embers. To give it an extra kick, drink some ice cold Pilsner or ice tea with your sandwich. It will make it that much more delicious.

This might be primitive bacon cooking and yes Hungarian bacon might not seem delicious to many individuals. But i challenge you to give it a shot, maybe indoors first.

If you don’t want the Gypsy bacon sandwich, you can make Nachos with bacon and beans.

Can’t Find Gypsy Bacon or Hungarian Bacon? Learn How…

For those of us who can’t buy traditional Gypsy bacon or Hungarian bacon from the local supermarket, you can create your own version of Gypsy bacon by substituting Canadian back bacon. Before cooking, rub some garlic on the bacon, or sprinkle garlic salt with paprika. It will not be as “authentic” as using Hungarian bacon, but with bacon over a campfire, how can you go wrong?

The temperature is falling, but even with the colder weather there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a final campfire meal before the winter arrives. Why not consider a meal of Gypsy bacon for your last campfire at the cottage?

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