Here at the Republic of Bacon, we all agree: you can never have too much bacon. And making things out of bacon? That’s even better. And selling bacon for charity? That could very well be a home run.

So what could fulfill all of these criteria: none other than the Kevin Bacon head.

Yes, someone has gone and done something we’ve all thought about over the years. They’ve created a larger than life-size statue of Kevin Bacon’s head made out of bacon. Not to be selfish, the makers put it on eBay to auction it off. All proceeds from the sale go to Ashley’s Team, a charity that works to hope and support to childhood cancer sufferers. By Friday, the auction had closed, and the creators had raised over $4,000 for charity.

Sadly though, the Kevin Bacon bust is not edible and is purely decorative. His baconness comes from the fact he is covered in bacon bits – the actual form of his skull is not bacon. It’s probably why the bust’s resemblance to Kevin Bacon is more theoretical than actual. Or we should just wait for a true genius in the bacon medium to carve out a more accurate likeness for us.

This isn’t the first time a celebrity has had his or her head carved out of bacon. Last year, Conan O’Brien was carved out of bacon. After he suggested that he would film his show from the Minnesota State Fair if they sent him is weight in chocolate-covered bacon, a local bacon producer created the sculpture to entice the talk show host to their state.

In O’Brien’s case, the makers decided not to use bacon for his skin – it was felt he was too pasty for bacon – so they carved him out of white chocolate. The bacon in this sculpture was saved for his red hair. O’Brien loved the sculpture. He said, “I’ve long dreamed of this, but I never thought I’d see it happen.” Sadly, the bacon bust fell apart on the way out of the studio.

How about you? Would you like to see your bust carved out of bacon? Or would you buy the bust of a celebrity if it was carved out of bacon?

Image source from J&D Foods