With bacon becoming more popular, many people are trying it in different meals. Eating bacon at dinner used to seem strange; now it is perfectly natural.

But as more people eat bacon with dinner, new questions are popping up. One of the questions that comes up when you are serving bacon at dinner that we don’t often address on Republic of Bacon is: what alcohol can you pair bacon with?

The short answer is that you can pair it with a whole lot of different beverages – it depends on what you cook your bacon with. For instance, a more Southern-inspired bacon meal might work best with an iced tea-based alcoholic beverage. If you are eating bacon with Austrian-inspired food like dumplings and cabbage salad, you might choose a pilsner. Your choice also depends on what type of bacon you use. Some bacons are fattier than others, and others are sweeter. Take these factors into account when you are deciding between the types of alcohol that you want to serve.

But aside from these concerns, if you are looking for a good standard option to serve with bacon, wine is always a good bet. But what’s the best wine? Here are some guidelines (not rules) to try out:

1. Either red or white can work

Although bacon, being pork, is officially “white meat,” it straddles the traditional line between a more heavy, hearty flavour like roast beef and the lightness of turkey. So wines that straddle the line between white and red can work the best.

2. Go for rich, but not overpowering flavour

With bacon’s strong flavours, it is important not to choose a wine that will not fall apart when contrasted with it. At the same time, you don’t want to turn the pairing into a contest. Choose a wine with bold notes that are not overpowering.

3. High tannins and highly acidic wines work best

Tannins are the “dry” flavour in wines. They work well with fatty foods – the fat helps to cut some of the dry flavour, producing a smoother finish. However, tannins also tend to emphasize the saltiness of foods. This means that if you are choosing a dry wine, it should be fairly acidic, too. Acidity in a wine helps counteract the salty flavours in foods. Keeping this in mind, a good choice for a red pairing would be a dry Chianti. If you were going for a white wine, you might decide on a young Chablis.

Of course, what matters most is not what an expert suggests, but what tastes best to you. And there is enough variation in the wine world to make many different wines a good pairing for bacon. But hopefully, our suggestions will make choosing the next alcohol pairing for your bacon meal go more smoothly.

What is your favourite wine of choice? What do you think will be the best wine to go with bacon?