Here at the Republic of Bacon, we are always interested in exploring the many ways we enjoy bacon. And as we’ve repeatedly seen by the comments on the Republic of Bacon Facebook page, almost every different type of person likes bacon. But are there any groups of people that like bacon more? Specifically, is it true that men like bacon more than women?

To be clear: as we said many of the people providing great tips and advice on the Republic of Bacon are women, so it’s clear that many women do like bacon. But do men like bacon just a little bit more?

There are a few pieces of evidence. A study done last year showed that men in Britain loved the smell of bacon more than babies. The smell of bacon frying was seventh on their list. For women, it didn’t make the top ten. But overall, bacon was still high (no surprise there!), ranking tenth overall for both sexes.

And a survey commissioned by Maple Leaf Foods earlier this year found that more men than women – nearly one-in-five men – couldn’t live without it. The deliciousness of bacon seems to hit some men more than it does with some women. The survey goes one step further by stating men would actually want bacon over sex.

A blogger on tried to dissect this idea in an article. His feeling is that, generally, men prefer savory things like bacon or cheese. Women, on the other hand, generally prefer sweet things, like cupcakes and chocolate. The survey of smells seems to back up some of these ideas: women ranked the smell of chocolate higher than the smell of bacon. Really Chocolate over bacon?

So, is there some basic hard-wired reason that makes men more likely to love bacon than women? Are men more prone to craving the salty and meaty goodness of bacon? Are women more likely to crave chocolate than bacon, and vice versa? A friend of mine often asks the question: would you rather give up, for the rest of your life, chocolate or bacon? I know what I would give up (chocolate, duh). Are the women reading this more likely – it’s almost too terrible to think – to give up bacon?

Personally, I think it’s mostly crazy talk. It’s obvious that both men and women can see that bacon is amazingly delicious. I’d like to think that this world has grown past such divisions between men and women.

But what do you think? Do you, as a man, feel that your love of bacon is not understood by the women around you? And for our women readers: do you feel that people think it’s strange that you, as a woman, love bacon so much? Is there a gender gap when it comes to bacon love?