Do you feel that your love of bacon is getting to be so big that you can barely contain it in your everyday life? Do you dream about spending an entire day doing nothing but talking about bacon and eating bacon? Now, there might just be a place for you: Bacon Camp.

Bacon Camp was held earlier this year in Ann Arbor, Michigan. However, it was such a roaring success that it will most likely be repeated next year. It was primarily a chance for the bacon-minded to come together to swap bacon ideas and bacon recipes, but it had many other activities. These included poetry readings about bacon and how delicious it is. Noted R&B star, Andre Williams, sang a rendition of his 1956 song “Bacon Fat.” Attendees played Bacon Bingo. The game had, instead of numbers, words like “dry rub” and “rasher.”

There was also plenty of bacony food goodness. Breakfast consisted of tastes of various bacons from gourmet bacon producers all over the U.S. The attendees also got bacon-apple coffee cake and scones made with bacon bits. During all of the events, different types of flavoured bacon were handed out to the attendees. But even more exciting – if anyone wanted more bacon, they could just hold out a skillet, and someone would fill it with some bacon. Sounds like heaven!

But the camp isn’t just about gorging yourself on bacon – even though that’s a big plus. It’s also about learning about bacon. Some of the counsellors presented recipes. One, a curator of history, presented a timeline of bacon throughout the ages. Apparently there was even a map from the nineteenth century that presented America’s “Gehography”! Another speaker offered insight into how bacon is made. If you truly love bacon, you aren’t just happy eating it – you want to know as much about it as possible!

Unfortunately, the major downside to this camp is that it has a substantial price tag: $150. While that may not be a huge amount for a real bacon fan, we here at the Republic of Bacon hope we are providing a similar service – for free! You may not get a full day of all-you-can-eat bacon, but we do like giving away coupons and telling you everything you need to know about this delicious food.

What about you? Do you think you would go to Bacon Camp? And what questions about bacon do you have that you wish could get answered? We’d like to make the Republic of Bacon as fun as a camp – and we need your tips and suggestions to do it.

Image source by 1yen