It is impossible to get bored of bacon: when you are bored of bacon, you are bored of life. But have you ever wondered if it could taste just as amazing, but look a little different? Well, graphic designer Neil Caldwell decided to see if he could do that. He has invented coloured bacon.

Caldwell, a native of Ottawa, created a “colour wheel” of bacon in blue, orange, red, yellow, green and purple. The bacon is surprisingly bright, even after it has been cooked – particularly the yellow bacon. It looked so visually stunning that Caldwell even (probably jokingly) considered having it shown at the National Gallery in Ottawa.

How to Achieve Multi-Colour Bacon

Caldwell achieved the colour effect through a pretty simple method. He uses store bought food dyes and then he lets each bacon strip soak in the dyes for 24 hours to achieve the brilliant colour effect. He had his “eureka” moment in a supermarket after he was hung over. He saw a bright blue baby stroller move in front of him while he was gazing at the bacon counter.

Initially, Caldwell hadn’t told anyone about how he achieved the coloured bacon effect. But when the news about Caldwell’s invention burst onto the Internet and on television, some people went a little over-the-top with excitement (understandable – it is bacon!). After repeated attempts by several media organizations to get him to produce the coloured bacon for their morning shows – the BBC even asked to fly him out – Caldwell decided to avoid all of the craziness by spilling the beans. “I don’t want to dedicate my life to producing coloured bacon,” he said.

We’re glad that he did reveal his secret, because this means that we can all enjoy coloured bacon at home. All you need is the store-bought colour dye and your favourite bacon. Caldwell reports that the bacon doesn’t taste any different after the dying process, and that the colours don’t bleed. You can also use the coloured bacon in the creation of your favourite bacon-related treats. Caldwell used his blue and red bacon with some white chocolate to make an American-themed bacon treat.

What do you think of coloured bacon? Do you think that you want to create some coloured bacon at home? If you do, please take some photos and let the rest of us at the Republic of Bacon know about it!

Image by Neil Caldwell/Handout