For those times when bacon is not possible, there’s bacon salt

No matter how much bacon we add to our lives, we always want to add more. But sometimes it’s just not possible to add some bacon. Maybe we aren’t near a stove. Maybe we don’t have time to cook. Or – this is too terrible to even think about – maybe we don’t have any bacon left in our home. What can you do in a situation like this? Fortunately, there is a solution: bacon salt.

Bacon salt is just what you’d imagine it would be: salt that tastes like bacon. And it makes everything it touches taste like bacon. Doesn’t that sound magical? The possibilities are endless. Macaroni and cheese with bacon salt? Check. Roasted vegetables with bacon salt? Check. French toast with bacon salt? Check! Everything that previously escaped the taste of bacon can now taste bacon-y. Mmmmmm.


Probably the greatest thing about bacon salt is that it can be vegetarian friendly. Now, you can impress your vegetarian friends with the delicious, tasty flavour of bacon. Who knows – once they’ve tried bacon salt, you might finally get them to eat the real thing! Bacon salt is also a good choice for those people who are not allowed to eat bacon due to religious concerns.

Bacon Fans

Someone has even written an ode to bacon salt. Here’s a video of Brian Detlef’s singing his heart out to the “Bacon Salt Theme Song.” If I’m not mistaken, he does appear to be wearing a bacon costume very similar to the one we described in this post.

Some students from Washington State University also like bacon salt so much they’ve made a commercial for it. I appreciate how happy salt appears to be to have found her bacon. I know I certainly feel that way some days:

YouTube Preview Image

Will our fans make a Republic of Bacon commercial for us?

How to make bacon salt

Well, now that you’ve heard about bacon salt, you’re probably salivating. So where do you get it? You can buy various different brands from your local grocery store, or you can order them from the Internet. But if you want, you can just make it on your own.

1. Take your favourite bacon. Cook it until it is very crispy, but not burned. The key thing here is that you want to make your bacon as dry as possible.

2. When the bacon is done, dab off the excess grease and let it cool. Chop up the bacon into fairly small pieces. Don’t worry about making the pieces salt-sized – we’ll get to that.

3. Get out about a quarter of a cup of your favourite granulated salt. If you are using a coarser grained salt, you’ll have to use more.

4. Pour in an equal amount of the cooked bacon.

5. Put both the bacon and salt into a very fine blender, and blend. If the mixture is clumping, stop the blender every few minutes to pull the clumps apart.

6. Voila! Homemade bacon salt. Since this bacon salt has real bacon it, it is NOT vegetarian and calorie-free. It can also go bad if you leave it out. So put it in a sealed container and store it in the fridge or freezer.

What do you think of bacon salt? Will you be trying it at home?

Image by Jer Kunz