Let’s make a bacon explosion!

We all love adding bacon to almost every dish. But can you go too far with your bacon love? Is there a point where adding more bacon seems a little unhinged and crazy? Here, at the Republic of Bacon, we don’t think we’ve reached that point yet. But there is something that gets pretty close: it’s called the Bacon Explosion.

A bacon explosion is a delicious explosion

What, you may ask, is a Bacon Explosion? It is a bacon dish created by two BBQ hounds named Jason Day and Aaron Chronister. They designed it to be the ultimate BBQ dish: it uses 2 pounds of bacon and 2 pounds of sausage along with a jar each of barbecue sauce and barbecue rub. This is not for people who are afraid of meat. A full description of the original recipe can be found here. But here’s a quick rundown.

How to make the bacon explosion

1. First of all, you’ll need to make a bacon weave – we described how to do that here.

2. Once that’s done, add a layer of BBQ seasoning. Add a layer of the sandwich-style sausage. The trick is to make sure the sausage reaches the edge of the bacon weave, but doesn’t go over. You’ll also want to make sure that the thickness of the sausage layer is generally uniform.

3. Cook the rest of the two pounds of bacon in the regular way. When you are done, pile it on top of the sausage.

4. Cover the bacon and sausage with a layer of BBQ sauce and BBQ seasoning.

5. Roll up the sausage – but not the bacon weave layer – into a roll. Try to keep it as tight as possible, and even out any bumps that may form.

6. When this part is rolled up, roll the bacon weave over the sausage roll. Try to make sure this roll is as tight as possible.

7. Plop the bacon explosion onto the BBQ and cook at 425 degrees. If you are concerned about BBQing in the winter, you could do this in the oven, but isn’t that missing the point? You’ll want to make sure the seam for your bacon explosion is on the bottom, so that it doesn’t pop open while its cooking. And you’ll want to cook it for an hour for each inch of the explosion’s girth.

8. When it’s done, slather on a thin layer of a sweet BBQ sauce. It will really cap the flavours.

9. Cut into slices, and serve!

Examples of bacon explosion preparation

If any of that was confusing, you can watch Mike Pound – a cook at the Joplin Globe – prepare his own version of the Bacon Explosion. His version uses an extra long bacon weave – the original only required a five by five square of bacon – and I think his difficulty in rolling up the bacon weave comes from this fact. But it can give you an idea of the meaty goodness, and how it’s made.

YouTube Preview Image

And like anything to do with bacon, being inventive and messy is part of the fun. These folks create a bacon explosion without the pork, but add their own spices, replacement fillings and fancy glazes. As long as the bacon’s still there, it looks good to me!

YouTube Preview Image

What do you think of the bacon explosion? Will you make it at home or will you chicken out? (Editors Note: I chickened out, winter is fast approaching)

Image by Roger Smith