We’ve often talked about the science of bacon here at the Republic of Bacon. Science is proved why bacon tastes great, for starters. But another reason why the combination of bacon and science coming together is great is that science can come up with great new ways to use bacon. And here’s one you’ve probably never thought of. With science, you can turn bacon into a flaming lance that can cut through steel.

How to make a flaming bacon lance

Don’t believe us? The video proof is below. The “Mad Science” dude, Theo Gray, has made a thermal lance out of bacon (technically prosciutto – traditional American bacon or back bacon doesn’t have the exact properties required for the lance). He uses seven rolled tubes of bacon, bakes them, and then wraps that in more bacon. He bakes the larger tube, and then wraps it in even more. The resulting lance looks pretty mouth-watering. I don’t advise watching the video on an empty stomach.

(It also goes without saying that it’s inadvisable to try any of this at home.)

Once he finished putting the lance on the end of his oxygen supply, Gray lights the lance. Oxygen, once lit, will burn at about 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit. So the flaming bacon lance has no difficulty cutting through the steel. The flame (and lance) lasts for a few impressive minutes before falling apart.

Why does it all work?

The reason all of this works is because bacon is flammable when it is dried out. In fact, that’s how all lances work, even the professional ones that are used in construction and demolition. They usually have tubes of magnesium and iron packed in them instead of bacon. But the result is the same: they burn when exposed to hot oxygen. For the bacon, it’s pretty simple to understand why. Bacon is filled with food energy in the form of protein and fat (another reason we love eating it!). When it’s dried out, there’s nothing stopping it from producing a strong flame.

This is why he wraps the dried bacon in fresh bacon – the fresh bacon has enough water in it to be resistant to burning. Gray has also made a vegetarian option lance with cucumbers and breadsticks. The completely vegetarian one, like most things vegetarian, was no fun. However, the combined bacon/cucumber torch he made was the most effective. The water of the cucumber keeps the outside of the lance solid, while the flammable and tasty bacon inside gets the fire burning.

So, while it’s not going to replace any tools anytime soon, if civilization collapses, we now know that we’ll be able to use bacon for eating as well as for cutting steel. In fact, bacon seems to be the fix for anything. I think it’s best to stock up on Maple Lead Recloseable Bacon right now, just to be on the safe side.

What else do you think bacon can do? Think it can repair a flat tire? I’m sure you would of never thought it could cut through steel!