Are you so obsessed with bacon that you need to cook some even when you aren’t anywhere near a kitchen? Do you love your iphone so much that you just like to play with it any chance you get? Now you can merge these two obsessions with a wonderful invention: bacon iphone apps.

When you just need bacon: Instant Bacon

There’s two major apps on the market. The first is pretty bare bones. It’s called Instant Bacon, and it costs a reasonable $0.99. With it, you get a frying pan, and a few strips of bacon. When you need to, you can shake the phone and the delicious sound of bacon frying starts up. You can slide the slices of bacon around your frying pan by moving your phone, but fortunately, there’s no way to knock them out of the frying pan.

Screen Shot - CVL Wireless

It’s all a bit cartoon-like, but if you are really pressed for a frying bacon feeling, it can definitely give you a bit of a buzz. The sound is really all you need, after all.

For the bacon app connoisseur: Pocket Bacon

If you want a bacon app with more options, why not try the Pocket Bacon app? The Pocket Bacon app is a little more expensive – $1.99 – but it’s worth it. You get several different options for cooking methods –from a microwave pan to a giant skillet – and the bacon cooks correspondingly differently on each method.

Screen shot - AlphaPixel, LLC

As well, the bacon you cook looks surprisingly lifelike. It keeps sizzling, unlike the Instant Bacon app, which stops after ten seconds. And you can tap the screen to “eat” the bacon. When you do, the app makes a “nonnomnomnom” sound – as if some dude is enjoying bacon. Depending on how you feel about simulating the eating of bacon without being able to eat it, this might be wonderful or just frustrating. After all, why does the app get to enjoy the bacon and you can’t?

When bacon is a true obsession

Well, and if the apps aren’t enough, there is an iphone (or ipod) cozy on the market. It’s from a German manufacturer, and aside from the bacon-y goodness, their site is pretty amazing in a “translated from English” sort of way. For instance, the site tells us that “The case look really like a piece of bacon. You can feel the irregular and the illusion is perfect.” (The irregular what??) And if you were concerned that the bacon cozy would have a seam, rest assured, it doesn’t: “There ist no seam, the whole case is seamless and felted in one piece.” (Direct translation)

Of course, with something so amazing, there’s the problem that it is actually a bit too popular. If you order it, you’ll have to wait up to twenty days for it to arrive. Might I suggest that you play with a bacon app to keep yourself busy?

Main Image by Christopher Chan