The number of things bacon is good for just keeps increasing every day. We’ve covered a few of them here on the Republic of Bacon, but here’s one I never suspected: bacon can be a good automotive fuel!

Bacon biodiesel is the most tasty-sounding alternative fuel, EVER.

If you’ve been paying any attention to the news, you’ll know that oil is increasingly becoming a less than ideal fuel for cars. Not only does it cause smog, it adds to the planet’s greenhouse gases. It is becoming more expensive as the planet slowly runs out of easily accessible oil sources. Scientists have been looking for an alternative fuel for cars for several years now. Some have suggested electric motors. Others have looked at hydrogen cells. But one of the most promising is biodiesel.

Biodiesel is when oils and fats from plants or animal sources are converted into a form of diesel fuel. Biodiesel has been around for many years – much of the diesel used in Brazil has some biodiesel mixed in. But it is only recently that biodiesel has become a hot topic in North America due to its environmental and economic benefits. Biodiesel reduces the amount of smog produced from burning fuel, reduces greenhouse gases and it does not require the importing of foreign oil products. As well, biodiesel can be made from waste products. This is where bacon comes in.

Leftover bacon grease can power a car

As anyone knows, when you cook bacon, you get delicious bacon. But you also get some excess bacon grease. Since this bacon grease solidifies when it cools, it shouldn’t be tossed down the drain. Many people keep their bacon grease in cans so that they can use it in other bacon recipes. But what happens when you get too much bacon grease to use? Well, now some people are turning it into fuel, like these folks have done.

Some more people who are making this conversion are some engineers at the University of Berkeley, in San Francisco. Since bacon grease still gets tossed down drains even when it shouldn’t, many wastewater treatment plants have to collect it and then don’t know what to do with it. These engineers want to help the treatment plants collect the bacon grease and turn it into fuel. This will help the plants save money because wastewater plants use a lot of electricity.

Of course, bacon will never solve all of our fuel problems. We use a lot more oil everyday then we could produce from bacon (even if we tried!). Biodiesel fuels help reduce the amount of oil that cars use – they can’t replace all of the oil. And as mentioned, they are an effective way to use something that might otherwise be thrown out.

The sweet smell of cooking bacon

But there is one final benefit to a bacon-powered car. As this article points out, you won’t get the smell of smog from the exhaust pipe. Instead, you’ll get the delicious smell of cooking bacon. If that isn’t reason enough to use bacon biodiesel, I don’t know what is.

What is your view, would you spare a little bit more bacon grease to fuel your car (your exhaust pipe has a bacon smell to it also)? Do you think Bacon Biodiesel is a far fetchd idea or an idea that could take off? I am excitied to see your comments!