When you’ve been making a hearty breakfast of bacon and pancakes in the morning, have you ever wondered: could this be done any more awesomely? The answer, of course, is yes. Here’s how you can do it. Two words: bacon pancakes.

Like any of the cooking ideas we give you on here, you’ll have to see how your bacon, pancake batter and stove react when you first try it out and then adjust your cooking accordingly. But here’s the basic idea.

Start out with some delicious bacon. Cook enough slices so that you have one for each pancake that you plan to make. Bacon pancakes are very filling, so you probably won’t eat more than two or three. (But we won’t judge you if you eat more than that!) You also want to cook the bacon in whichever dish you plan to cook the pancakes. It’ll save on cleaning dishes, and the bacon grease will help further flavour the pancakes.

After you’ve finished cooking the bacon slices to your favourite consistency, remove them. Prepare your pancake batter. You can use prepared batter, but it might be better to prepare your own. Since bacon is already salty, you might want to reduce some of the salt content of your batter. You can also use some of your bacon grease as the binding oil in your batter preparation.

When the batter is prepared, pour out a dollop of batter into your pan or griddle. If you are going to leave the bacon in strips, make sure the batter follows a line. If you want more circular pancakes, cut your bacon slices in half. After you’ve poured out a thin layer of batter, place the bacon in the batter and then cover it with more batter. Cook them the way you’d cook a normal pancake.

If you’ve done it right, the results will be delicious. The bacon provides the salty savoury side to a good meal, while the pancakes offer a lightness. If you pour maple syrup all over it, you’ll also get some sweetness in there, too. I don’t know about you, but my favourite breakfasts are the ones that have both sweet and savoury. Bacon pancakes are an easy way to ensure you get both flavours.

Here’s a video of some bacon pancakes being prepared:

YouTube Preview Image

This is a longer video, but it provides a different preparation method: you can smash the bacon up into little pieces and then add it to the batter.

YouTube Preview Image

What do you think of bacon pancakes? Do you think you’ll try to prepare them at home?

Image provided by Dale Basler