We recently told you about Mexicano bacon-wrapped hot dogs and their popularity in Los Angeles. Invented by inspired Mexicans, these tasty treats have been enjoyed in Northern Mexico and the Southern US for years. But now the bacon dogs face a threat in their own homeland: Los Angeles is trying to ban bacon dogs!

LA to bacon dogs: no way, José.

Why would anyone think of doing something like that? According to an article at the Digital Journal, the bacon-wrapped dog is increasingly considered an outlaw in LA. Its crime? Apparently city legislators are concerned that the bacon-wrapped dogs will be cooked improperly by the many street cart vendors that currently make them. (Are they serious? How hard is it to cook bacon? I mean, even I can cook bacon, and I can’t cook anything!)

Vendors are required to buy an expensive cart or risk getting a jail sentence. Even worse, the dogs are supposed to be boiled or steamed before they can be served, instead of grilled. This is despite the fact that there has been no evidence of anyone getting sick from the maligned dogs. Also, have these people visited Canada? ‘Cause people are eating grilled hot dogs all of the time up here (they taste so good).

More cynical-minded folks might think that this is all just a new cash grab by the city government. It wouldn’t be the first time that a government tried to put the brakes on something fun and delicious. Fortunately, all of the negative attention hasn’t reduced Angelenos love of the dog. As this LA Times article says, “[The bacon-wrapped hot dogs are] so good, no wonder it’s illegal!”

The people have spoken: up with bacon dogs!

Maybe having the dog named the official hot dog of Los Angeles will help take the heat off an otherwise loved food item. These dogs are so popular that Farmer John – unsurprisingly, a maker of bacon-wrapped hot dogs – set up a vote to see if he could get them named as the “Official Hot Dogs” (was there a lot of competition for this title?) for the city of Los Angeles. After three months of voting, Farmer John declared the voting completed and the campaign successful. I’m not sure if this sounds very official, but I can’t argue with a love of bacon. Bacon conquers all!

The campaign wasn’t all about drumming up support for Farmer John’s products. They also managed to get some food donated to a local food bank (a pound for every vote.) A imagine a few people will be thanking the tastiness of bacon for the outpouring of donations.

Of course, you don’t have to fly to LA to enjoy a bacon-wrapped hot dog. We give you plenty of pointers on how to do that here. And we obviously recommend grilling the bacon dogs, either on your barbecue, or in your oven. Don’t worry, we promise not to let the LA authorities know!

Do you think Los Angeles authorities are going to far? If LA had to pick one food to ban what would it be?

Image provided by Brave Heart