For More Bacon!

I’ve already discussed the introduction of Jones’s bacon soda on this site, and the varying reactions to its flavour (uhhh, people generally don’t like it. We still haven’t received a sample… yes, we are a bit sad about that) But it appears that bacon is starting to spread out into many different liquid varieties. Are we on the verge of a bacon beverage revolution?

Let us think about this very carefully. We have talked about Bacon Soda, Bacon Beer, Bacon Caesars (Bacon cocktails), Bacon Martini – breath… breath- Chocolate Bacon Martini, Bacon Bourbon… I think you get my point that I am trying to make. Bacon is becoming a very popular type of drink to have. I don’t think it is as socially acceptable to order a bacon martini yet, unless of course you are James Bond. Yet, I honestly believe we are starting to see a bacon beverage revolution.In the next two years I am positive we will see more Bacon drinks in bars, clubs and possibly at our girlfriend/boyfriends houses.

Why did I pick a raspberry and chocolate picture? Check out the Smoothie drink!

Bacon Smoothies

When I heard about bacon smoothies, I thought they were going to be just Bacon Soda Redux. But apparently – I haven’t tried it yet – the bacon smoothie is actually quite delicious! The trick with this one is that bacon is not the major flavour. It is balanced out with chocolate, which a committed reader of this site will know goes quite well with bacon. As well, it has a healthy amount of fruit. You can see the whole recipe here.

Rick Bakas is the genius behind the recipe. He says that the bacon smoothie tastes like “raspberry, chocolate and bacon all equally, nothing overpowers the taste.” That does sound pretty good!

In other bacon smoothie news, a very enthusiastic gentleman creates a bacon smoothie in the following video. You’ll note the use of British back bacon. His smoothie is less fruit-oriented, and more delicious-oriented: it features vanilla ice cream and maple syrup. It also, strangely, includes sweet corn? I’m guessing this is a British thing.

YouTube Preview Image

Although I can hear snickering in the background, it doesn’t actually look too bad! I might have to try it one night when I have too much bacon and vanilla ice cream.

Bacon Drink Tabs

You’ve probably seen those powder sachets that you add to water to give it a new flavour – Crystal Light is one of the most popular. Now someone has invented bacon-flavour tablets. They are like Crystal Light, except – you guessed it – they make your water taste like bacon. They are also, like Crystal Light, deliciously low in calories: two pieces have about three calories.

They are also versatile. If you want to make your own version of the bacon soda that we talked about, you can drop these into your favourite soda. If you want to create bacon-flavoured milk, go right ahead! If you want to add a bacon-flavour to that 100 year old Scotch you’ve been saving – we definitely won’t stop you.

Although they look like Alka-Seltzer, there is no indication they will cure indigestion or stomach problems. If I were them, I’d totally pursue this angle. What’s the best way to cure an upset stomach? Bacon!

Diet Coke with Bacon

This appeared a few years ago, and although it doesn’t officially exist, it does seem like a pretty logical next step for all of the Diet Coke offshoots that have appeared in the last few years. I have to say, the can looks pretty good, too!

What about you guys? Have you heard of any new bacon beverages? Would you want to try a bacon beverage in the future? Do you think we are on the verge of a Bacon Beverage Revolution!?