Here at the Republic of Bacon, we like to recognize the other brave and true fans of bacon. One of our most favourite finds is Mr Baconpants.

Mr Baconpants is Jason Mosley, a blogger and designer from Pittsburgh, and as can be seen by his photos, he has a snazzy pair of bacon pants! His blog features posts about bacon products and bacon recipes, but the major draw to his site is his bacon live chat, which happens every Wednesday at 7pm EST. Every week Mosley offers his personal opinion about bacon with his friends, particularly Sean Brett. They are fun, casual and informative. Most importantly, they are about bacon, which is what keeps us listening. Yes, we do listen to the show.

Thanksgiving bacon

One of our most favourite recent posts is a piece he did on how to incorporate bacon into every dish at Thanksgiving (Mr Baconpants is American, so this post came up recently to coincide with American Thanksgiving). Some of them are pretty obvious – who doesn’t use bacon grease for their gravy? – but some of them are pretty intriguing. For starters, Mosley suggests using candied bacon to top off a pumpkin pie. Sounds good! The bacon bread – basically a cross between French toast and an omelette without the eggs – also sounds delicious. I always love some great new ideas for bacon-related foods!

Mr Baconpants bacon-flavoured review Jones Soda

But as I said, the big thing that Mr Baconpants does on his site is a live chat with his friend Sean Brett. On this particular episode, he discusses a few things, but the main focus is his review of the new bacon-flavoured Jones Soda that we discussed a while ago. The review starts at around 30:00 on this video recording of the live chat. As you can tell by their funny facial reactions, it was not a hit (Warning: there is some cursing).

In his written review of the product, Mr Baconpants memorably describes his feelings in the following way. “For the first second this stuff hits your mouth you’re greeted with the flavor of bacon. Then what follows that second of bliss is an after taste from hell. The bacon flavor is gone far too quickly and what’s left is the flavor of vomit after a night of eating bacon and drinking Jack and cokes.

Editors Note: Jones Soda is sold out of Bacon Soda.

Mr Baconpants and Canadian bacon

Mr Baconpants and his friend Sean are longstanding foes of Canadian bacon. They think it tastes too much like ham. On one show, another friend, Matt Gondek, tried to defend the food, but it didn’t work. Fortunately, for the honour of us Canadians, Mr Baconpants has realized his mistake. In a live chat, him and his friend Matt discover the true history of Canadian bacon.They spoke highly about Maple Leaf saying “now that’s a company“. Why Thank You.

So here’s to Mr Baconpants and all of the good work he does. We like him so much, we’d like to open a diplomatic channel to promote bacon and its tender awesomeness. An alliance (non-military) with Mr. Baconpants would help liberate bacon from its enemies. Hopefully our secrets between us won’t get picked up by WikiLeaks. Keep up the bacon-eating, and if you ever want to try some real Canadian bacon, don’t hesitate to ask!

And to our readers: aside from the Republic of Bacon, what bacon-related sites do you like to visit?