Bacon is a powerful food. It can make you do some great things. But sometimes it can also make you do some strange stuff. Today, we’d like to draw your attention to one of the strangest of strange bacon videos on the Internet: Hover Bacon.

Hover Bacon

There’s really nothing to say before you watch this video. Just press the play button.

YouTube Preview Image

Maybe you need to watch it again. I’ll give you a moment.

My first response when I watched it was, “How did this get created?” Then I asked myself: “Who sat down at their computer and thought: you know what the world needs? It needs some hover bacon.” Then a whole stream of thoughts: “What are those things floating on the bacon?” “Why are they wearing top hats?” “What is with the baby?” Mostly my brain just hurt.

But Hover Bacon isn’t just a video – it’s a whole industry. The creator, Joel Veitch, runs a website dedicated to the video and others like it called From there, you can order Hover Bacon t-shirts, or you can buy an album’s worth of songs (including “Hover Bacon”). Veitch seems to be successful at this stuff: he’s been featured on the BBC and other media in the UK.

Bacon Rocket

Veitch and Co. have done a lot of different videos, but at least one more is bacon-related. It’s called “Bacon Rocket,” and as you might have guessed, it is about building a rocket out of bacon, a sausage and toast.

[Editors Note: They say one swear word]
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I learned a lot of things from this video. The first thing I learned was that you shouldn’t make a rocket out of bacon. The second lesson was that if you set off a rocket, make sure you don’t do it near a window. And the third thing I learned was that you shouldn’t make a rocket out of bacon. But then again, I didn’t need to watch a video to know that. You should just be eating it!

“Hover Bacon” Covers

But back to “Hover Bacon” – it’s not just a popular video, it’s also a popular karaoke song. I’ve watched a few, and here are the pics for “best” cover of “Hover Bacon.”

First, a lady with a cockatoo does her darndest. Warning! Turn the volume down on your computer before you listen.

YouTube Preview Image

This one you probably don’t really need to hear twice.

After that, you might need something to calm you down. Think of this as the “smooth jazz” version of “Hover Bacon.”

YouTube Preview Image

The last one is probably my favourite version of the song. It’s a little more relaxed (the cockatoo version is still rattling my nerves a bit). And half of the enjoyment of listening to this song is watching people attempt a British accent. At least I think the kid is trying to be British.

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What do you think of all of this bacon hovering? Do you feel like you have an urge to do a “Hover Bacon” cover version? If you do, please send a link to your youtube clip, and we’ll feature it on the site.