If you are anything like me, you are probably thinking: uhm, how did Christmas sneak up so quickly? With the holiday roughly only three weeks away, if you haven’t already thought about, you probably really need to start thinking about what you are going to do to prepare for it. And if you are also like me, the one idea that keeps coming up as a solution is BACON.

Bacon Christmas Tree Cards

One of my least favourite tasks at Christmas is writing out Christmas cards. It takes such a long time, and it’s always so hard to think of something nice to say to Great Aunt So-and-so except something like “Best Wishes!” These cards don’t write themselves, but they do make Christmas card writing a whole lot more fun. For starters, I could stare at the bacon Christmas tree card for hours. Christmas should also be about spreading love – and bacon is something I definitely love. Sending it seems like the perfect way to express myself.

My only quibble is that the bacon on the tree is uncooked. It would be a whole lot more attractive if it was. You might want to consider cooking your own bacon, putting it in a tree shape and taking a photo of that to make your own card. And the good thing about a card is that you can use it to send your family and friends a coupon for bacon in the card. The only thing better than bacon on a card is bacon in the stomach!

[Editors Note: If you create a Christmas Tree card made out of bacon and take a picture of it. We will publish an article of your creation! Send it here.]

Bacon Santa

Etsy.com is always a reliable source of crafty bacon love. I’m always amazed at all the different bacon-related things people on the site come up with. And Christmas is no different.

The people behind Bacon Santa are a Seattle-based craft collective. Their distinctive felt bacon creations are often featured on their sister site What Do Bacon Do? If you order the Bacon Santa, it will come “adorably packaged” – for gift-giving – and it will come with a “bacon birth certificate.” (Uhm. Yeah. I don’t really know what that means.) No guarantees if you order it now that you’ll get it before Christmas, but let’s hope for a Christmas miracle!

[Editors Note: Kathy from Bacon Santa says they will be able to get you your awesome bacon goodies shipped to you before Christmas! She also sent me their first fan video]

Bacon Angel Tree Decorations

If you aren’t sure where you would put Bacon Santa, you might want to consider these bacon angel tree ornaments. I don’t like to admit this sort of thing, but they’re pretty darn cute. Eating bacon does make me feel like I’m in heaven, so I think it’s appropriate that these angels are made out of bacon. You can get a pack of four for $22.00 USD plus additional shipping costs.

Homemade Bacon Ornaments

If you feel that $22 is too expensive for bacon (can bacon ever be too expensive?), you might want to consider making some ornaments at home. Bacon can be simulated with red and white felt, and it can be made cuter by adding a few googly eyes. Pipe cleaners will give you a hook. Heck, it can be a whole family project – most kids will find making bacon Christmas tree ornaments pretty awesome.

And if all else fails, you can simply hang some cooked bacon to a tree with some metal wire like this dude did. As the dude points out, it’s probably a good idea to make sure no pets get near the tree, and you might want to save this for Christmas Eve, as cooked bacon won’t last the whole month. Of course, you could save yourself the trouble, skip the Christmas tree decorating and just eat the bacon on Christmas morning. But that’s just me.

What do you have planned for Christmas? Do you plan on including bacon apart of your Christmas tree?

Bacon Christmas Card Image provided by Mike Geno
Bacon Angel Image provided by Sappymoosetree
Bacon Santa Image provided by What DO Bacon Do?