Image Provided by Deanna Wardin

We all love it. It’s pretty much one of the only things we know that we’ll love for our whole lives. So, it’s fitting that many folks out there are proving their baco-love by getting it tattooed on their skin. This is one romance that won’t fizzle out and require a laser removal of our lover’s tattooed name. Bacon is forever. Almost sounds like I am about to break into a song from 007. Could we possibly incoporate bacon and 007!? I smell a new article.

Here’s ten visual proofs of undying bacon love:

1. Bacon Armbands

In the bacon tattoo world, these seem to be the training wheels of bacon tattoos: you get a bacon armband tattoo when you are just starting to show your allegiance to the food. I like the classic simplicity of the look on this guy (girl?), but maybe the bacon could have been drawn better. Or am I just being picky?

Image Provided by BME News

2. Bacon back tattoo

These pictures always bring up questions. First: is there a bacon gang? How do you apply? I would like to be a part of this group. I’m interested – as long as I don’t have to get a massive bacon tattoo plastered across my chest. Not that I don’t want to advertise my love of bacon – I do! (I LOVE BACON.) But I’d love to advertise it in less, uhm, body-altering ways.

Image Provided by Bacon Today

3. Bacon foot tattoo

You can’t argue with the words. Other pluses: the tattoo font is not weird, and it’s always good to have a tattoo on a part of the body that you can later hide. The only problem is that I’m guessing this person decided to tattoo her (?) feet to distract you because OMIGOD DID YOU LOOK AT THOSE TOES. On second thought, just keep looking at the words.

Image Provided By Oddee

4. Bacon and … uhm, dolphin?

I feel like there’s a story behind this. Or maybe there isn’t? Maybe it’s not actually bacon wrapped around a dolphin. Maybe it’s just seaweed that looks like bacon. I guess that makes me ask the question: dude, why then does your seaweed look like bacon?

Image Provided by benchilada

5. Bacon Moustache

Okay, this one is pretty funny. Maybe not a joke that needs to be permanently on your body, but I can appreciate that it can be easily hidden from view. And it’s just bacon! Simplicity, when it comes to bacon tattoos, is always the best. After all, what else do you really need to add to a bacon tattoo?

Image provided by XeviousTheGreat

6. Bacon breakfast

I saved the best for last. Dayne Gilbey, a man from Coventry, England, had a full English breakfast tattooed on his head. He was responding to a call from a tattoo artist who wanted volunteers for this project (he wasn’t paid a dime!). The breakfast includes eggs, sausages, beans and bacon. Not surprisingly, the tattoo and his head got a lot of media attention a few years ago.

Image Provided by the Sun UK

I could make jokes, but really, what would be the point? I think it’s better if we just admire this man’s guts and clear love of everything bacon-related. Don’t forget to check out Skulls and Bacon. They have another pretty impressive list of bacon related tatoos. Plus, we really like those guys so we wanted to mention them. :)

What about you – do you think you would ever tattoo your love of bacon onto your body?