Friday is when we cast about the Internet looking for the best and the brightest bacon blogs, and spread a little link love. In this week’s edition, we look at the makers of that infamous Kevin Bacon head made out of bacon. The makers of the head also happen to run one of the most inventive and crafty bacon blogs out there: the What DO Bacon Do? Blog.

Who is What DO Bacon Do?

The WDBD blog is run by three bacon-mad, and clearly super-talented folks – exactly my favourite kind of people! – Kathy J. Rose, Uncle Mike Lahue and Wendy Watkins. They say that their mission is “to build a better world through laughter and bacon.” Gotta love it – this should probably be snuck into the Charter of Rights and Freedoms somehow. These great people have been working toward this noble pursuit on their blog and through their etsy store, where you can buy many bacon-related products. (Including one of the Christmas decorations we mentioned earlier in the week.)

The makers of Kevin Bacon’s head

Image by What Do Bacon Do?

Remember that awesome Kevin Bacon head we reported about earlier? If, for some reason you’ve had a head injury (maybe a bacon head injury!) and don’t remember, the Kevin Bacon head is a sculpture of Kevin Bacon’s head made out of bacon bits. Yeah, the world is strange enough – we don’t need to make this stuff up! The head was made for charity, and was auctioned on Ebay. Although I’m not sure if the head looks exactly like Kevin Bacon – to me, it looks more like a cross between Elvis and an Easter Island sculpture – I can definitely appreciate anything that involves playing with bacon. Unfortunately, the head cannot be eaten (it’s covered in lacquer). But don’t forget to check out the never-before-seen, behind-the-scene photos of Kevin Bacon’s bacon head here.

Bacon buddies

One of the most popular of their crafted bacon thingamajiggers is the felt bacon buddy. He may be bacon, but he’s also a bit of a “ham” – comedian, that is. Here’s a whole funny series of a bacon buddy visiting a Picasso exhibition. The packaging is also pretty hilarious, and it includes some nutrition facts. For instance, you’ll be happy to know that the bacon dolls have 100% of your daily recommended intake of “Total Awesomeness” as well as 100% of “Creativeness” (uhh, but isn’t that “Creativity”?). You are also guaranteed 0g of Plutonium. Phew! I was worried there.

Aside from the standard bacon buddy, they do a whole slew of bacon buddy variants. One of the most hilarious is the Twilight-inspired Edward and Bella bacon. As they say for their Edward bacon buddy: “Bacon RPatz is waay better than real RPatz, he’ll always stay with you and he ain’t never gonna break your heart.” I also like this Mexican wrestling bacon duo. Mexican wrestling and bacon – why not? And finally, bacon makin’ bacon. (Don’t worry – it’s nothing sexy.)

All in all, thanks for bringing even more fun and hilarity to bacon, we salute you, What DO Bacon Do? this fine Friday. Keep up the good work! We grant you an automatic pass on the draft to the Republic of Bacon Army for exemplar service to the community and to the well being of our great bacon society.

Your bacon buddies

I know many of us probably can’t craft for beans – the only thing I can cook is bacon! – but I’m sure there are some bacon crafters out there. If you do craft, do you craft bacon? And if you craft bacon, can you share your bacon creations with us? We’d love to feature them on the site!