Saturday is when we like to go a little crazy. For this week’s instalment of Youtube Insanity, we decided to look at all of the bacon songs out there.

Bacon, unsurprisingly, is a popular subject for songs. Much like romantic love and heartbreak, bacon is one of the few things that can unite all of us as human beings. So there is a lot of music to go through, and a wide variety of styles to choose from. Here’s just a selection of the stuff that caught my eye (or ear).

Trey Hugueley & Chuck Vail – “Addicted to Bacon”

This fine rap effort talks about how addictive bacon is. I know, I know – poorly done rap music is the worst. But this is surprisingly well-produced, and kinda catchy! I’ve only seen it a couple of times and I’m already singing the hook (“I’m addicted to bacon/addicted to bacon/makin’ bacon bacon bacon”). I also really like the “Bacon Ho” bit at the end (“Haven’t you ever seen a bacon ho? Like a real hot piece of bacon?”). Double plus good and a round of applause for Trey and Chuck. I’m crediting bacon for having inspired such an inspired work.

[Warning: They video does have some vulgar language at the end.]

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Lisa Donahey – “Bacon”

Now for the ultimate Bacon song: Lisa Donahey’s “Bacon.” It starts out a bit weird. Lisa plays a lunch lady who tells her young students that they shouldn’t eat meat. But don’t worry – she eventually sees the light. She tells them that the only meat she can’t resist is bacon. By the end she’s telling them to eat bacon all of the time. As I know a few vegetarians who are vegetarian except for bacon, this seems like a pretty realistic scenario. Why is that?

It also helps that Lisa is a great singer, her lyrics are well written and actually really funny and the video she has for the song is well-produced. I think Lisa might just be the Queen of Bacon singer-songwriters! Apparently she wants to use this video to get onto Glee. I didn’t know they had an opening for lunch ladies, but sure! I’ll support her. She’s certainly singing about the things I really care about. As Lisa says it best: bacon, it’s “heaven in a pan!” I would love to see Lisa sing our National Anthem!

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Neilmu – “The Bacon Song”

Neilmu, a copywriter from Toronto, has produced “The Bacon Song.” A little more bluesy than some of the other videos we are featuring today, Neil’s “The Bacon Song” goes through some of the reasons why he loves bacon. Not really the catchiest of tunes. But we needed a little Cancon, and I can always support a fellow lover of bacon. Give his video a whirl.

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Matt the Electrician – “The Bacon Song”

Matt’s song – a folky tune with slide guitar accompaniment – is the most beautiful song about bacon I found in my search. Like, really. It’s funny, and Matt’s tongue is definitely planted firmly in cheek when he sings lines like “Yeah, there’s still bacon/Key to everlasting life.” But listen to how nice it is when he sings the line, “There’s still bacon/still wants to be inside of me”! The man has only 70 views, check him out. He certainly deserves more.

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