On Fridays, we like to spread some of our baco-love to a few favourite stops on the Information Baco-Highway (or as some people call it, the Internet.) Today, we turn our attention to one of our favourite bacon recipe blogs – “The Bacon Show.” The Bacon Show collects and links back to bacon recipes from other sites. The Bacon Show also promises to feature a bacon recipe every day, forever. (Which means they won’t run out of recipes before I run out of bacon.) So sit back, and enjoy some of our favourite picks from their treasure house of bacon recipes.

We will leave the decision to attack, develop diplomatic ties, or stay neutral on you, the reader. After reading this article on The Bacon Show, we will allow you to comment below on what we should do. We are a 14,000 strong bacon army ready and we have plenty of ammunition (bacon bits). At the same time, we haven’t attacked a fellow bacon site, only handing out one embassy on the republic and a bacon award. The choice is ulitmately up to you. What shall it be!

Corn-Camembert Ice Cream on Waffles, Bacon Praline and Caramel Sauce

This recipe was originally featured on Top Chef in an elimination round. Although it didn’t get Chef Lynne a win on the episode it was featured, it did look mighty delicious. And the good part about this recipe is that although it is pretty complicated, you can just make the bacon praline part and add that to whatever dish you want.

It works essentially similarly to our candy-coated Halloween bacon, but with the additional step of adding butter and then blending the candy when it is hard. The blended praline can then be added as a flavour to a whole bunch of different things, like fudge or chocolate cookies. Yum!

Bacon, Bourbon, Pumpernickel and Rye Stuffing

We’ve already given a great stuffing recipe on our post about baconifying your turkey holiday dinner. But here’s another one that adds one of my favourite ingredients – bourbon. The recipe is originally from Vino Lucci, and on their site you’ll note that they recommend using a light bourbon because you don’t want the stuffing to taste too much like a cocktail. As well, consider it even if you are already making the other stuffing. There’s always more room for stuffing at your holiday dinner – particularly bacon-flavoured stuffing – so I, for one, might be tempted to make both.

Banana and Bacon-Stuffed French Toast

Even though all of these culinary adventures are fun, it can sometimes seem like they drift a little too far away from what bacon was meant for: as an essential part of a delicious breakfast. This recipe brings bacon back to its core strength. It also helps address an issue I’ve always had at weekend brunch – sweet or savoury? By cramming both into some French Toast, you can check off every part of tastiness that you crave.

Bacon-Oatmeal Cookies

Of course, then there are also times we just want to add more bacon to every part of our lives, including when we are making cookies. Bacon grease in cookies is always a good idea, but being able to sneak some pieces of bacon in as well? To vary the flavour of the cookies, you could also use some maple-flavoured bacon, like Maple Leaf’s Lazy Maple bacon. Mmmmmm.

Root Beer Baked Beans with Bacon

Okay. Why do I do this to myself? Reviewing all of these recipes is just making me hungry. Hold on. I’ll be right back… tomorrow!

What do you think of the Bacon Show? Are you a fan or not?