Yesterday we offered some ideas for the best bacon presents for the ladies out there in this holiday season. Today, we are going to offer some bacon-buying suggestions for the boys. In some ways, this is too hard: most bacon-loving guys will like almost anything we could suggest! We could spend days listing everything. So, in the interests of time, I’ve tried to narrow it down to the pure essentials.

1. Hail Bacon Apron

Image Provided by econographics

Bacon-loving guys like pretty much anything that is bacon-related. But definitely at the top of their list is a pretty obvious choice: eating bacon. We think that the best bacon gift pack should start off with a fetching bacon apron. Once again, it’s Etsy to the rescue. This bacon apron is effective at protecting you from any potential bacon splatter when a dude is frying up a few slices, as well as at expressing one’s inner bacon awesomeness.

2. Frying Pans

Image source by Cooks & Kitchens

Most men who like bacon also like playing with tools, so it might be a good idea to get them something they can use for practical purposes. And what’s the best tool for cooking bacon? That’s right – a frying pan.

We previously discussed the pros and cons of several types of pans, but here’s a brief summary. Non-stick pans are particularly useful for cooking bacon because bacon does have a tendency to stick to stainless steel pans. has a great selection of non-stick cookware, including this recently discounted pan. But if you are concerned about the non-stick coating, there are plenty of stainless steel pans out there as well. THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

But I know, I know: what if he thinks you just bought him the frying pan because you think he needs to cook more? That’s why you should also buy him the third present on our list…

3. Bacon

If you are a bacon lover, bacon is the best gift possible, full stop. Buy him some bacon, and he will know you love him. Maple Leaf has plenty of great bacon types available, so you can buy a selection of them and put them with his frying pan. If you have all of his main gifts planned, consider it as a stocking stuffer. Think of it this way: if you get him bacon, you probably won’t have to worry about making breakfast that morning!

4. Cool Stuff Made Out of Bacon

Now that you’ve given him all of this bacon to play with, and a great pan to cook it in, let him go wild with his baco-imagination. In other words, give the man in your life the gift of allowing him to do whatever crazy thing he likes with bacon. Like these guys, for instance, who decided to make an AK-47 out of bacon. As well, if you are up for it, you should join him. I’m sure your dude would love to help you create a delicious lamp shade. Both of you brought together by your shared love of playing with your food and bacon – how romantic!

5. Bacon Dental Floss

Image Provided by McPhee

After all that bacon eating, he’ll need to clean his teeth. And this pack of bacon floss will help convince him to do it. After all, it is a given that he’ll want to kiss you in thanks after the full day of bacon you’ve given him. This bacon dental floss will ensure that the kiss will be one of the best-tasting he’s ever given you.

If you could only pick one gift, which one would it be? Do you think your Husband/Boyfriend/Son (this list can go on for a while) would like another bacon related gift?