We provided some bacon-inspired cocktails a few weeks ago. But now that it’s Holiday time, I think it’s a good idea to update the list for the season. Bacon may seem like a strange idea for a Holiday drink, but after you’ve had a few of these drinks, you’ll wonder why you can’t drink Holiday bacon drinks every day of the year. (Don’t worry we won’t tell anyone.) My inspiration came from not only bacon but who I’d enjoy talking to over all the bacon recipes on the table. Aaron Tucker from Bacon Nation came to mind. I’d also enjoy seeing the people behind It’s All About the Bacon, I hope they’d bring some Bacon Prawns. Obviously Mr Bacon PantsBacon Kight (we heard your ‘issue’ with us, we cried a bit- sorry)… I know I am missing a couple people. Who else am I missing?

Below are our top five bacon Holiday cocktails.

1. Bacon Eggnog

Image Provided by Kenn Wilson

What better treat to have this holiday than some eggnog, bacon styles? For this recipe, you cook the bacon with the milk and cream. When the mixture has been cooled, you can remove the bacon pieces (and eat them!), add alcohol and the egg yolks and stir them altogether. If you don’t think you can drink this one think of it this way: it is essentially a holiday breakfast mixed with some booze! How can it not taste good?

2. Bacon Whiskey Holiday Sour

Image Provided by Smiling Da Vinci

You’ll want to make some bacon-washed Canadian whiskey for this one. If you’ve forgotten, that’s when you gather up some bacon grease and mix it with your favourite liquor. When you cool it off, the thicker parts of the grease solidify out of the mixture, while only a delicious alcoholic remainder is left. A full description of the process is here.

After you’ve made some bacon-washed Canadian whiskey, use three parts for every one part of sweet vermouth and two of cherry brandy. Add one part lemon juice and an egg white. Shake in ice in a cocktail shaker, and strain over some ice. This one will add a lovely Southern feel to your holiday party.

3. Bacon Canady Cane Martini

Image Provided by Once a Chef

For this martini recipe, use a bacon-washed vanilla vodka. You can use the same method as the bacon-washed Canadian whiskey, but with vanilla-flavoured vodka. For every one and a half parts of your bacon-vanilla vodka, throw in half a part of peppermint schnapps and one part of club soda. Mix well in a cocktail shaker, decant over a martini glassed rimmed with crushed candy canes. Mmmmmm. Baco-minty!

You can always just create a Candy Cane Martini and just add some bacon. Once a chef has an amazng Candy Cane Martini recipe.

4. Bacon Apple Cider

Image Provided by Jezra.net

Apple cider is a delicious winter tradition – so why not make it even more awesome with some bacon?

This recipe is a little more complicated, though: you will need to actually ferment the cider with the bacon. I’m not an expert in apple cider fermentation, so I’ll let this site explain the whole situation. It basically involves yeasting things in a big jar. Although I have never had this drink, I can’t imagine how anything like this would taste bad.

5. Bacon Holiday Margarita

This one normally uses a pepper-smoked tequila, so you might as well use some pepper-smoked bacon when you wash some tequila. Add equal parts of the tequila with cointreau, Mandarin orange syrup, and lime juice. Mix and serve over ice. With such cold weather outside, you’ll be thankful for any touch of Southern feeling, particularly when its in alcohol form.

What do you feel about bacon Holiday cocktails? Are you planning any bacon cocktails for your holiday?