Recently, there’s been a phrase trending on Twitter – the hashtag “#secretturnon.” For those not on Twitter or unfamiliar with it, a hashtag is a searchable phrase that people add to their tweets. When it is added, people can easily see all of the other people on Twitter who’ve used this phrase. So, with this “#secretturnon” phrase, people are telling other tweeps (Twitter people) what their secret turn-ons are. When I came across it, I suspected that a few people would say that bacon was their turn-on, and, of course, I was right. Here’s a selection of the best bacon turn-on tweets I found.

1. Eating bacon

These people are keeping it simple: they just said that eating bacon turns them on. Since eating bacon makes me pretty happy, I can see where they are coming from.

@DOUBLEONIGERIAN: “#SecretTurnOn eggs and in general gets me going”

@_RosettaStone_ : “#secretturnon banana pancakes with bacon on the side”

2. The smell of bacon

A few people specified the smell of bacon. Once again, I have to agree: the smell of bacon is pretty darn amazing. I’m not surprised that folks find it a secret turn-on.

@KissMyTaterTots: “#secretturnon the smell of bacon cooking”

Perhaps a little more surprising are the guys who like their girls to smell like bacon. It’s strange cause I’m not sure how the first guy’s girlfriend managed to smell like bacon. For instance, I’m hoping she didn’t just pour maple syrup and bacon on herself. That would be a waste of perfectly good food!

@LongSince86: “#SecretTurnOn girls who smell like Bacon and maple syrup”

@SaboJones: “#secretturnon when her morning breath smells like bacon”

3. Getting free bacon!

Uhm. Yeah. Free bacon is pretty exciting (Remember what when we did that?). Once again, can’t say I blame the dude.

@soulsaga1106: “#SecretTurnOn When the chick at Subway puts extra bacon on my club sandwich.”

4. Sex with bacon?

The smiley is making me think this one is a bit of a joke, or that the eggs and bacon will be eaten, on a plate, before any actual foreplaying. If not, I have to say: ewwww. Once again, a waste of perfectly good food!

@thedimepeace: “#secretturnon food. lets foreplay with eggs & bacon ;)”

5. Boys who like girls who fry bacon:

Probably the most popular turn-on on Twitter was the thought of girls cooking bacon for boys. In these turn-ons, the girls are also usually wearing next-to-nothing or nothing at all. (I hope that the girls who are wearing very little are at least wearing aprons – splatter from bacon frying can be a bit painful. ) I’m not quite sure why this is such a specifically popular turn-on, but I think the ladies reading this should take note: your boyfriend or husband probably wants to see you cooking bacon.

@_mustafaa: “#SecretTurnOn a girl that will fry the hell out some bacon”

[The other 5 tweets are censored, don't be shy though. Check out the #Secretturnon Hashtag for more tweets]

Do you have any secret bacon turn-ons? Let us know!