We’ve been giving some specific bacon-themed holiday gift ideas for the last few weeks. Today, I thought I’d give a last few. Think of it as a wrap-up for any stockings you need to fill, and for any less checks you need to mark off on your list.

1. Bacon Candle

Image Provided by HotWicks

When most people get scented candles for aromatherapy, they often use things I’ve never heard of, like hyssop and thuja. Who knows what those things smell like? They could smell awful! Personally, if I want to relax, I’m going to need a scent I know and trust. And the most familiar and trustworthy scent I know, of course, is bacon.

A bacon-scented candle would also go well with those bacon bath salts we discussed a few days ago. Or you could light the candle while you are cooking bacon. I mean, what’s better than the smell of bacon? AN EXCESSIVELY STRONG SMELL OF BACON.

2. Bacon Magnets

Image Provided by Zazzle

Refrigerator magnets are handy things: they help you keep menus and important notes where you need them. But most people get their refrigerator magnets randomly, so they often are just advertisements for local radio stations and realtors. Why not get a bacon lover in your life a magnet they’ll really like? There’s plenty of selection at zazzle.com. Choose from taglines like “Bacon Goes With Everything”, “Bacon Is Meat Candy” and “Bacon is a Condiment.” Zazzle.com claims that their products usually ship in twenty-four hours, which, depending on how soon you need it, could save your bacon.

3. Bacon Toothpicks

Image Provided by Archie McPhee

Keeping your teeth is important, and it can be a drag when you have to use boring, nothing-flavoured toothpicks. Like I said when I talked about bacon-flavored floss, any teeth care is pretty much awesome-fied when you add bacon flavouring.

4. Bacon Holiday Scene

Image Provided by SayUncle

And now, for something completely different. The best part about this gift is that since you will be making it (you didn’t think you could order this, did you?) it can be a real life-saver if you have run out of time. I don’t think it’s even necessary to tie your scene into the holidays – you could make pretty much make any scene you want. As long as there is bacon involved, you’ll be on the right track. Just make sure there’s plenty of delicious bacon involved.