The Internet, as we know, is largely bacon (as it should be!). But the parts of the Internet that are not yet bacon (it’s coming!) are the parts that are filled with geeks geeking out over technology [Disclaimer: Our Editor is one such geek who loves technology]. Sometimes, these worlds overlap in a spectacular confluence of geeky baconosity. Since I love both bacon and technology (and you loved the bacon alarm clock), I thought I’d dish up some of the best, and the geekiest, bacon-meets-technology stories out there. Oh and the Robot piece is at the end. I always save the best for last.

Bacon USB Drives and Computer Skins

Image Provided by USB Brando

There are some awesome customized USB drives out there, but can any surpass the power of technology and bacon combined into one powerful stick like this? It’s made by a Chinese manufacturer, which means that you get advertising copy as fluent as this – “What do you want to eat? Some fruits or some crackers? Order your favorite food here. We have some fruits, hamburger, pizza chicken wings and other barbecue food here.” I’m a little frightened by the chicken wing USB drives (it looks sticky!), but having the bacon one sticking out of my laptop would be pretty cool. And giving your friend a stick of bacon when they need some memory? LARF.

If only having your USB drives look like bacon is not enough for you, you can also get bacon skins for your iphones., as per usual, is the proprietor of choice for this delicious accessory. It does look about as realistic as the USB drive. And once that’s all bacon-ed up, you can slip this bacon pouch over your iPad. After all, what goes with bacon? MORE BACON.

I’ve been dying to show this to you guys for ages ‘cause it is so awesome, but I’ve been waiting for the right time. Well, here it is. It is called, and it’s an app that auto-magically converts any website into a baconfied website.

What do I mean? Well, first here’s how it works. Is there a website that you don’t feel has enough bacon on it out there? I know there’s plenty for me. For instance, I think the Wikipedia page for vegetarianism could use a little more bacon-y deliciousness. To fix this, I just need to slip the code in front of the website’s address in my browser’s address bar, and the page I’m looking at is instantly baconfied. Here’s the vegetarian page post-baconizing. It’s instantly improved. Now, I could read a website about vegetarianism for hours! And there are hundreds more out there, waiting for a fresh topping of electronic bacon.

Robots say we taste like bacon

With so much bacon being scarfed down everywhere, it’s no surprise that robots have confirmed that, yes, we taste like bacon. The story goes like this: a robot in Japan has been invented that can smell. It was apparently invented to help people distinguish between authentic wines and fake wines. But when it was being tested, some (super hilarious) human reporter put his hand into the robot’s sensors, and the robot determined that he tasted like bacon. This may sound horrible to you, but to me it sounds pretty awesome. After all, is there anything else you’d like to taste like, except the most delicious food imaginable? I thought not. And if you are anything like me, you are probably full of bacon right now. So it’s only logical that you should taste like bacon. Here’s to tasting like bacon – and here’s to tasting even more like bacon in the next few minutes! (Nom nom nom nom nom.)

Do you know of any more bacon-y bits of technology? Let us know, and we’ll feature it on the site!