It’s a day earlier than usual, but I thought I’d share with you one of my favourite recent finds in the bacon-themed Internet. If you are looking for some delicious and, occasionally, deliciously disturbing, photos of bacon-themed foods, head on over to That’s Nerdlicious.

That’s Nerdlicious is run by three committed baconophiles: brothers Sean and Jonathan Fallon, as well as the mysterious “Geek Girl Diva.” Sean also edits several nerdy sites, but Nerdlicious is the one that is dedicated to feeding the hungry nerd. As such, it doesn’t always feature bacon (they also like beer and candy – stuff I can definitely get behind), but there’s plenty of bacon to know and love and just sort of stare and marvel at. They’ve uncovered some beauts of bacon gastronomy – I’m totally jealous.

The WTF Burger

Image Provided by Thats Nerdalicious

One of their recent finds is the WTF Burger. The aptly named WTF burger features eight pounds of meat, including 15 strips of bacon. In fact, it appears to be wearing a regular-sized burger (or maybe a slider) as a little garnish. It’s from the Californian restaurant The Catch, and if you think this is too big for you, they do offer a slightly smaller version called the OMG Burger (only four pounds of meat!). Lucky for you guys I’m typing, because staring at the picture, my mouth is pretty much just hanging open. Partially out of shock, but also partially because I want to cram my face into its mounds of greasy goodness.

Bacon Fried Onion Rings

Image Provided by pCka

For the nerdy eater, this is a definite hole in one – it features bacon wrapped around an onion and dipped in a beer batter. I don’t know where they got this one, but I’m guessing it’s easy enough to make if you have a deep fryer. Or if onion is not your thing, they also feature some chicken-fried bacon.

Hold on a sec. Just mopping up my saliva here.

La Boom

Image Provided by Thats Nerdalicious

La Boom is not really explainable. It’s sort of a cheeseburger that is having a bit of a nervous breakdown and is starting to think it might be an Elvis sandwich, but also a bacon dog and maybe something even fancier? The ingredients include what sounds like the contents of my fridge: ketchup, mayo, a fried egg, peanut butter, bacon, garlic bread and a cheeseburger. I’m surprised that the inventors didn’t drop this in a deep fryer after they were done just for the hell of it. But you know, it’s good to have limits.

Bacon Cereal

Bacon cereal. I’ll say it again. Bacon cereal. They got the recipe from this person, who really only used chopped up bacon for the “cereal” part and blue cheese dressing for the “milk” part. He (or she?) said he was inspired to come up with this recipe because he thought of how much he loved salad that had bacon bits and blue cheese dressing – so why not dump the less bacony parts? By his description of eating it, this sounds like it’s better left as a conceptual art piece – an idea of what bacon can be! – rather than as something you’d actually like to eat. But a round of applause anyway for this brave bacon pioneer.

Baby-Shaped Meatloaf with Bacon Diaper

Even though I think this meatloaf baby’s stare just stole my soul, I thank the folks at That’s Nerdlicious for finding this gem for me. Whenever I think I might be going off the deep end, I just need to stare at this bacon-diapered baby and think, “at least I didn’t create a baby out of meatloaf.” Every little thing helps, you know.