It’s been a tough year for all of us. The economy is still not great, and many people are out of work. But thankfully, there’s one thing positive about 2010: bacon is still plentiful. Bacon may not be as exciting as a new flat screen TV or an ipad, but it can certainly make me just about as happy. So, my resolution for 2011 is to make my life happier by adding more bacon. It’s cheap, it’s cheerful, it’s simple and effective: 2011 is the year of bacon and happiness. Here are some of the ways I’ll be adding bacon to my life.

Store my bacon grease and find more uses for it

I remember a time when I used to throw my bacon grease away. What a foolish fool I was! All of that deliciousness lost forever. It’s enough to make you cry. Now I use it for all sorts of things. I like using it when I’m cooking vegetables – it’s a great way to make something a little dull into something spectacular. And I don’t do much baking, but when I do, I like tossing it into the mix. Trust me – if you need to impress someone with your baking savvy, just do that. It’ll make them think you are a pastry chef. I showed you a few other ideas on how to use more bacon grease in your life. But I’m always looking for more. Let me know – please! – how you are using bacon grease to make your 2011 taste even better.

Have more bacon drinks

Sometimes bacon beverages can veer into strange territory – like the bacon-flavoured Jones Soda. But usually, it can make your drinks more delicious. This year we talked about the best bacon-flavoured cocktails, and I think, through all of this alcoholic bacon talk, I’ve fallen in love with bacon-washed whiskey. It’s a sweet, smoky love.

So for 2011, I think I’ve decided to try more bacon-flavoured drinks. Any suggestions, once again, are appreciated. And I’ll always keep my drinking within limits, of course. These are sipping drinks, after all. You need to savour the bacon flavour. But I can definitely see myself savouring a lot more in the future.

Put more bacon in my candy

I’ve always thought of bacon as meat candy, but 2010 was the year I really started to understand how often it could be incorporated into actual candy. There’s always the great idea of just sprinkling brown sugar onto bacon when it’s baking in the oven to give it a heavenly sweetness. But if you want a better connection between sugar and bacon, you can make bacon candy. We gave you a few pointers here. I’m going to be searching so hard in 2011 for ways to make bacon even more candy-like in 2011. Know of any candy companies that would help us in the search?

Put more bacon in everything

If there’s anything I’ve learned over and over again while writing for the Republic of Bacon, it is that pretty much anything imaginable is made better with bacon. Heck, pretty much anything can be turned into a bacon meal – look at the bacon explosion, after all. So, for 2011, I’m going to add some bacon whenever possible. Like, right now! I’m eating bacon right now! You can’t stop me! It’s so good! Nom nom nom nom.

Anyhoo! A question for you folks out there: how are you going to add some bacon into your life in 2011? What would you like to see on the Republic of Bacon in 2011? Is there any way we can all make our lives more bacon-licious in the New Year?