If you are like me, all you probably want to do today, on New Year’s Day weekend (an official Holiday weekend here in the Republic), is rest and relax. Not think about anything too hard. Not read anything too distressing. Just start the New Year’s on a good note, you know? So I’ve decided we should just sit back today and enjoy some bacon and pets videos on youtube.

Now, before we begin, I have to say this: you probably shouldn’t be feeding your dog or cat bacon. The little guys have very different digestion systems than us humans, so they could get sick from eating it. And if you want to feed them something bacon-flavoured, there’s plenty of pet foods on the market that are properly constituted for them.

That being said, pet videos are always good for a laugh or two. And when I see dogs begging for bacon – man, I know how they feel.

Mojo the cat loves bacon

We’re an equal opportunity website, so I thought I’d point out some good cats-going-crazy-for-bacon youtube videos. In this one, a British gentleman likes to get his cat Mojo to climb up his body whenever he’s cooking some bacon. I think I suddenly respect cats a lot more than dogs. A dog would have just kept standing on his hind legs for three minutes. Cats think outside the litterbox.

YouTube Preview Image

Spazzy dog wants bacon

Chihuahuas are never not funny. Bacon caused this ridiculousness, but I’m sure a stiff breeze could probably make him as equally nutty.

YouTube Preview Image

Bacon doggie torture

First of all, you might want to turn down the Spaghetti Western theme music before you play the video. Secondly, this dog is encouraged to get “exercise” by his owner by having bacon strips placed just outside of his reach. The result? Three minutes of a very determined dog. If only they offered this form of encouragement at the gym, I’d be there all of the time. You hear that Goodlife? Get making the bacon-treadmills already!

YouTube Preview Image

Dog eating a bacon double cheeseburger

I don’t really see what’s funny about this. Isn’t this how everyone eats their bacon double cheeseburgers? Seriously, like what’s so funny about really really really enjoying something? And like maybe eating it upside down and making loud noises and throwing bits of it all over the place? Really, what’s so funny about that?

YouTube Preview Image

Dog jumping for bacon

As the owner describes it, the video came into being because he first heard a repetitive scratching sound in the kitchen after he cooked some bacon. He went to investigate and caught this. It seems that a recurring theme of these videos is that dogs, when confronted with something they can’t figure out, often try the same thing over and over again. Bless their hearts and tiny brains.

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Kitty loooooves bacon

My favourite. You can’t really go wrong with kitties going crazy for bacon.

YouTube Preview Image

Hope you had a good New Year’s Eve, and many happy days, preferably with bacon, in the New Year!