Oh snap, Kathy from What Do Bacon Do? Mailed me my personal own bacon craft figure. I snapped a picture of my little fellow (background is a picture in my office) who I have officially named “Fred Bacon“. I remember stating in my previous article that I was interested in knowing what this “Bacon Birth Certificate business” was all about.

Turns out it is just a small business size card paper that states the following:

Bacon Birth Certificate was carved from the loins of awesomeness, fun and never-ending good times. We certify that this bacon will bring you hours of laughing with strangers, silliness and sizzling surprises. Stay crispy!

with Love from the Baconeers,

Kathy J (‘Bacon Goddess’), Mike and Wendy

I am not going to lie, it is a bit corky but damn do I love it. They put such thought and pleasure into it, that you can’t hate it. I love the fact that they take pride in their work. It just further shows that What Do Bacon Do? Is just plain awesome [What Do Bacon Do can freely use that as a testimonial from us]. I like them so much that I can’t think of anything I don’t like about them. On second thought, I am a bit upset they didn’t ask us to help them with the Kevin Bacon Bust. I was so deeply upset I could have possibly consumed a whole package of Maple Leaf Food Bacon, in a dark corner of my kitchen crying.

Who knows, maybe next time they might take us on board to do something crazy… like a bacon mountain or a bacon car?

Love to hear what you have to say! Like my picture with the dark forest in the background? If What Do Bacon Do and Republic of Bacon teamed up to create some awesomeness. What would you like to see us do?