New Year’s Eve has come and gone, and hopefully you are finding the New Year to be fruitful and pleasant. Well, as pleasant as it can be now that most of us have to be back at work. So, to continuing on the theme of easing into the New Year with some laughs, I thought I’d post some of my favourite bacon-related comics from the Internet today. After all, if bacon can’t make us laugh, what can?

Snake N’ Bacon

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Probably some of my favourite bacon comics are by Michael Kupperman. Kupperman is the creator of Snake N’ Bacon. Although the comics feature a wide array of characters, the major recurring characters are Snake N’ Bacon – a crime-fighting duo. Snake only hisses, while bacon offers advice on how he can be prepared and eaten. The comics are always pretty surreal and absurdist – it’s definitely a love ‘em or hate ‘em kind of thing.

Image Provided by Comic Art Collective

Nerdroid Comics

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For a month in 2008, Nerdroid Comics – you can find the original webcomic here – posted a comic a day about bacon. (Why? I imagine because it was the right thing to do, you know?) Here are a couple of my favorites. In the one above, he explores the hellish situation of entering a world where bacon has ceased to exist. I particularly like that the woman at the fast food counter says, “Bacon? That’s not something that exists” as if she knows not only that she’s never heard of it, but that it doesn’t have any possibility of existing in her world.

Bacon Angel

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Bacon Angel – Sometimes I imagine that very kind people will send me bacon whenever I am feeling down. I think it would be a lot like this bacon angel, except larger, and actually exist. I would also ask that they make sure my bacon is not too crispy, as I think slightly chewy bacon will make me happiest.

Image Provided by Nedroid

Bacon Man

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Adam Levermore-Rich and C.A. Bridges are the creators of “Save Hiatus,” a comic about a bunch of friends trying to deal with the cancellation of their favourite show. This comic, however, doesn’t deal with that. It is about what could potentially be the most amazing superhero of all time. I hope they extend it into a full-length story. Or maybe I should just take the guy’s advice and try to be Bacon Man myself. Anyone want to sponsor me? It’ll only be five bucks through Paypal.

Image Provided by Hijinks Ensue

Click for Larger Image regularly features humourous lists. This one is from their “6 Reasons Bacon is Better than True Love.” I’m also a fan of “True love only happens once in a lifetime. Bacon can happen seven times a day, if you want it to.” So true – you can even make it happen eight, nine – heck, even a hundred times a day!

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Doug Savage

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Doug Savage has been drawing chickens on post-its for years. In this cartoon, he offers the real reason to keep on living. I have a sneaky suspicion that this fact is keeping many people’s faith in the world alive.

Image Provided by Bag of Nothing

Are you a comic book fan? Think these comics are good enough? I want to hear what you have to say about bacon and comics.