Folks seemed to like it the last time we talked about uses for bacon grease, so I thought I’d provide some more ideas. But before I give you some of my suggestions, I thought I’d show you a neat find: here’s a list of uses for bacon grease that is apparently from a 1943 edition of Modern Woman Magazine.

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You gotta love the “when hardened in your ICE Refrigerator” – “freezer” was apparently not a household word in 1943. I also like the focus on meat pies, hominy and white sauces. Nevertheless, most of them are kind of good! Using bacon grease for cornbread is sort of a Southern standard, and we’ve already discussed how delicious it can make vegetables. There’s dozens of uses for bacon grease. Here’s just a few more of our suggestions:

Salad Dressing and Bacon Grease

This is one that several of our readers suggested. Putting bacon grease in salad dressing is pretty simple. You can just use it in place of an oil with some balsamic vinegar. Or you can go in a little more of a ranch dressing direction by mixing it with mayo. The only thing you have to remember is that if you do mix it with vinegar, you have to use it hot – putting cold bacon grease on your salad will not make it happy. But if you are making your salad with a bitter leafy vegetable like chard or spinach, you can use the hot bacon grease to wilt the greens.

Potatoes with Bacon Grease

Some people like to substitute bacon grease for butter or milk when they are making mashed potatoes. But you can also use bacon grease for cooking whole or sliced potatoes. Just shake some boiled potatoes around in the bacon grease and then cook them in the oven. The bacon grease helps them get browned and crispy – sort of like bacon.

Frying toast

In a traditional English Breakfast, you would not only cook all of the meat and eggs for the breakfast in a frying pan, you’d also cook the toast you’d serve along with it, too. Like French Toast, making toast in bacon grease is usually best done with stale bread so that it doesn’t get too soggy. The Brits actually fill the pan with grease before they cook their bread, but you can just put grease on either side of your toast, like you would with butter on a grilled cheese. The result is as delicious as you’d imagine.

Seasoning a cast iron skillet

If you have just bought a new cast iron frying pan, you’ll need to season it. A properly seasoned pan can last for decades, and the seasoning will also ensure it has a non-stick surface. Bacon grease is a very effective seasoning agent. Seasoning guidelines vary, but most suggest that you should rub the grease all over a dry cast iron pan and then cook it upside in an oven.

Sauces and gravies with Bacon Grease

If you’ve just made your holiday dinner (with a bacon-wrapped turkey!), you’ve probably already used bacon fat for the base for your gravy on that day. But bacon grease can be used in almost any savoury flavoured sauce. Just take whatever sauce recipe you can think of and change the fat or oil to bacon grease. The sauce will gain a dark, smoky, flavourful note.

Do you have any more suggestions for how to use your bacon grease? What do you like to do with your bacon grease?