It seems lately like I’ve been trying to make our readers jealous about the various parts of the world they could be visiting where bacon is good and plentiful. Well, sorry about that. Today ain’t going to be any better. But just keep in mind that this bacon can be yours in the near future – you only have to travel to these places. Today, I thought I’d tell you about an ingenious idea out in California. It is called a bacon truck, and as the name implies, it is bacon heaven on wheels.

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Get Your Lardon

The bacon truck – presumably one of the first of its kind – has the slightly unpleasant name Lardon, and it is part of LA’s exploding “food truck” scene. I didn’t know that LA had a “food truck” scene, but this is what the ‘net tells me. According to Jeremiah Crowley, one of the owners of Lardon, food trucks are big in LA because, “LA, it’s so spread out.” He goes on to say that, “One of our goals is we want all of LA not just the hot spots to enjoy this [bacon] trend.” A bacon man of the people! ‘Tis a noble calling.

Jeremiah and Heather Crowley started the business because they were both food fanatics and they were looking for a business to get into. Over a couple of margaritas, they decided that they knew they had to do something with bacon (who doesn’t have these thoughts while drinking margaritas?). Fortunately, Heather got a stint at one of the city’s several food trucks. From her experience there, they completed the simple arithmetic (bacon + food truck) to make something that most of us can only imagine in our sweetest dreams.

The Bacolicious Menu

The menu for the Lardon truck has the usual suspects: bacon sandwiches, both for breakfast and lunch. For example, they have a breakfast brioche that is stuffed with bacon and eggs. More nutty (and obviously delicious) is the “baco” (rhymes with taco) – a shell of woven bacon stuffed with potatoes and cheddar and covered with sour cream and horseradish. For dessert, they serve a brownie slathered in Nutella and bacon crumbles. Oh, and they also sell single strips of specially chosen artisanal bacon. LA, I am officially jealous.

Business is motoring

So far, business is going well. Since they move around every day, they need to provide a list of locations to keep their customers updated. But being mobile, they sometimes have to make last minute location changes. Their twitter account features updates, and lets you follow them on their travels. In the future, they might even go further than just the area around LA. As Jeremiah Crowley says, “But the long term is, this might be the United States of Bacon pretty soon, and we’re going to hit up everywhere in this country.” Jeremiah, if you are looking for a country that will accept you, I know one that will invite you in with open arms: the Republic of Bacon!

And, of course, why not: here’s a video of Russell (the dog) trying bacon for the first time. The bacon came from the Lardon bacon truck (you can hear an employee describing their menu to someone). I’m pretty sure Russell gives the doggie version of a thumbs up at the end.

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