Some of you might be too young, but the rest of us can remember a pretty great show: the Cosby Show. For five years in the eighties it was the number one show on television. But along with the laughs came some mysteries. One was repeated references on the show to a tasty-sounding, but mysterious dish: the bacon burger dog. What is the bacon burger dog? What does it taste like? And how, one wonders, does one make this potentially awesome dish?

Cosby introduces us to an amazing idea

For those who don’t remember what I’m talking about – or just need to be reminded of it –here are a couple of clips from the show. We get a brief shot of the delicacy at the end of the clip.

YouTube Preview Image

Theo is certainly excited to get it. But it’s hard to tell what it is. Is it a burger? Is it a hot dog? How does the bacon fit in? These are pressing questions for those of us who are intrigued by this item. I’ve attempted to sleuth out an answer.

The Big Daddy

I’m not alone. Since these dogs have been mentioned, folks around the Internet have been trying to figure out exactly how to make a bacon burger dog. This video shows one man’s attempt to create the dish. His basic starting point is to use a hot dog, and then to wrap it in a beef patty. The bacon is then wrapped around the resulting tube, and the whole thing is barbecued. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Let’s see how it works out.

YouTube Preview Image

It may not be the exact right recipe, but it looks delicious. I’d like to have it in my hand! The only thing I might question is the choice of ketchup. I would have totally gone for a spicy mustard instead.

The Supremo

The guys at Bacon Today have a slightly different recipe. Their recipe is apparently culled from a perusing of the Internet’s many choices. The one they offer is apparently the quickest one to prepare. Reducing the number of steps between me and eating bacon? Sounds great!

Their recipe starts off by suggesting that you make the “hot dog” out of a beef patty and Cajun peppers. Then you roll the beef patty around cheese. This is the kind of thinking I love. Delicious and inventive! This “do” is, of course, wrapped with bacon, and then you grill it on the barbecue. (Uhh, but be careful – bacon fat is super-flammable.) Although they don’t say it, I assume that this is followed by you descending into a haze of bliss when you bite into the completed dog.

So what do you think of the bacon burger dog? Do you think you’ll create it for yourself? Which one will you try?