Since everybody seemed to love our bacon tattoos round-up, I’ve decided to go through a few more for you guys. Strap on your helmets, this will be a journey deep into the heart of INSANITY and SHOCKING! and MADNESS and, well, weird tattoos.

Bacon with Grease Splatters

This gentleman (or lady?) definitely wanted to be true to the authentic bacon eating experience. If you are going to make some bacon, you are going to have some leftover bacon grease. There’s no way to avoid it. Unfortunately, this fellow should have also included in his tattoo a small jar next to his bacon to catch all of the bacon grease. And then, perhaps, a series of items that have been made from bacon grease. Like cupcakes. Or candles! Now, that’s authenticity.

Image Provided by Geekologie

Bacon and Pickles

You know when you haven’t seen your friends in awhile? And then you run into them on the street and you go up to them and give them a high-five? Pretty easy, right? Now imagine that you are a pickle and your friend is a slab of bacon. Now wonder why anyone in their right mind would get a tattoo of you too on their body. Wonder very hard. Trust me, nothing much will come up.

Oh, and one final reminder: when giving high fives, always keep your eyes on your friend’s elbow. We’re not just knowledgeable about bacon, here at the Republic of Bacon – we know about many things!

Image Provided by Coed Magazine

Pig Equation

This one is a little bit intense, but you know I have to give him a bit of a slow cap for the skill in drawing. For starters, that’s a pretty adorable-looking fire. And I appreciate that there’s a nice array of pork products. We talk about bacon a lot (well, duh, it is part of our name!), but some delicious porkchops and ham are nothing to sneeze at. I’d also like to commend this fellow for the amount of forearm real estate he has given up for his bacon (and pork love). There’s no room left for potential girlfriends’ names! But I guess that’s the point: bacon is clearly the closest thing to his heart.

Image Provided by Rich Marafioti

Bacon Salt

This gentleman (I’m assuming they are all dudes?) not only loves bacon, he loves bacon salt. Which, I totally understand. When you can’t have bacon, you might as well have some bacon flavouring. Makes perfect sense. But! This bacon salt is a brand name. What if, for some reason, the company who makes it merges with – I don’t know – General Electric? Will this dude get the tattoo changed? Or, even worse: what if he finds a bacon salt he likes even better? Tattoos: perhaps not for people who easily change their mind. Still I would love to see a fan put a Republic of Bacon Tattoo on themselves. Pretty sure we’d give a gift to (t-shirt for tattoo?).

Image Provided by Coed Magazine

Satan Bacon (And Bird)

I’m hoping the person sporting this tattoo just felt that 6 was such a great number, he had to have it three times. Because I have to warn anybody out there who is into superstitions: bacon don’t play that. Bacon is here for happiness and joy. Do not think it is part of the dark side, ‘cause it ain’t. I think this guy knew this, and that’s why he just threw a bird in there. The bird, like all of us, just wants to enjoy some slightly coiled bacon. It’s only the bad people among us who see the “666.”

Image Provided by Coed Magazine

I’d like to also thank Coed Magazine for creating such an awesome collection of Bacon Tattoos.

What do you think of these tattoos? Would you get a Republic of Bacon Tattoo?