Bacon and maple go together: that’s no surprise. Bacon goes well with pancakes and maple syrup. And there’s plenty of great maple-flavoured bacon products out there, like Maple Leaf’s Lazy Maple Bacon. But even so, there are still some maple foodstuff out there which haven’t yet been stuffed with bacon.

Maple has not yet reached maximum overload in bacon. Since part of our mission is to ensure that every part of the world has the benefit of becoming one with bacon, I’ve decided to devote today to a discussion of the union of bacon and that delicious and beautiful thing: the maple donut.

Voodoo Brought the Maple Bacon Bar into This World

Oddly enough, even with the maple connection, the bacon maple doughnut is not a Canadian invention. And it’s not a bacon maple doughnut. Officially called the Bacon Maple Bar, this doughnut was invented at Voodoo Doughnuts, a novelty doughnut shop in Portland. There, doughnut flavours range from the crazy to the insane, and include doughnuts with Fruit Loops, Tang and mini M&Ms. The Bacon Maple Bar is, predictably enough, one of the bestsellers.

From there, the gospel of bacon and maple has spread. The owner of DK Donuts in Boise, Idaho returned to that city from Portland with the idea for the Bacon Maple Bar. Since its introduction, the Bacon Maple Bar has become popular amongst Idahoans, as well. Says one customer, “I get these every Sunday, and it made my hair grow straight up.” People concerned that maple and bacon are not compatible flavours, or that it will taste strange for some reason, don’t have anything to worry about. As another customer says, “It kinda tastes like you took pancakes, like a whole breakfast, but you just smooshed it into one thing.” Yum!

The Store-Bought, but DIY, Bacon Maple Bar

As of right now, there’s no word that Tim Hortons or any other Canadian doughnut shops will be selling Bacon Maple Bars at their stores anytime soon. But this hasn’t stopped some industrious customers. In an effort to recreate the Voodoo Doughnuts experience, Matt at Vancouver Slop ordered the maple cream at Tim Hortons with a side of bacon. After putting the bacon on the doughnut, he bit into it. Apparently, it exceeded all expectations. “This thing was fantastic, my face smiled when the hit of maple bacon flavour rampaged through my mouth.” Apparently it was even better than the Portland version because the Tim Horton’s maple cream has cream inside. ZOMG. I’m totally doing this the next time I’m at Timmies!

Try This at Home, Kiddies

Of course, if you want to go the old-fashioned way, there’s nothing stopping you from making some maple-glazed doughnuts at home. There’s plenty of recipes on the Internet to show you how, including this one. The only change you’ll need to make to the receipe is that you’ll need to make sure to top it with your favourite brand of Maple Leaf bacon!

What do you think of the Maple Bacon Bar? Do you think you’ll be trying to make it at home, or at Tim Hortons?

Image Provided by xmatt