Bacon, it seems, is a substance with infinite possibilities. Think of the thousands of things we’ve already discussed: bacon candles, bacon cupcakes, bacon weapons. A group of four friends from Dallas, Texas want to add a new product to the current roster: bacon soap! The catch is that they need our help. Read on to find out more about the wonders of bacon soap, and how you can pitch in.

Bacon Soap: The Cleanest Bacon Ever Gets

We’ve already seen bacon bath salts. In fact, you can also make them yourselves. But what you’ve probably never seen before is actual soap made from bacon. The big difference here is the soap is meant to be used as a cleaning product, instead of as a deodorant. The bacon soap uses some of the animal byproducts that are normally thrown away during cooking, and turns them into something useful. As the bacon soap people describe it, “we are looking to change minds about what ‘clean’ means.” Their site can be seen here. You can also see an early prototype of their bacon soap here.

The creators are Alli Dryer, Rob Borkowski, Brian Lee David and Daniel Vaughn. The meat soap idea started when Alli suggested making a meat soap for some friends for Christmas (yeah, I know – this is something I think of all the time!). One of the recipients was bacon fanatic Daniel Vaughn. Upon receiving the bacon, he noted that a lot of people would probably love the idea of using bacon to wash their hands. From there, the idea for bacon soap took off.

Bacon Soap Needs You!

Last Monday, January 24, the group set up a Kickstarter site to work towards their goal of becoming bacon soap producers. Kickstarter, if you don’t know, is a site where entrepreneurs can propose ideas to potential investors (ie, you) to try to drum up financial support for their projects. Support is usually pledged in small increments: most people donate between $5 and a few hundred dollars. For providing support at set amounts, supporters not only help their entrepreneurs a chance to reach a goal, but they can also receive a gift. For instance, if you support the meat soap people with a $15 donation, you’ll get a bar of meat soap and a listing on their website. $100 will get you five bars of meat soap, a t-shirt, a meat poster, and various other gifts.

The one catch is that none of these purchase will go through unless the Kickstarter group reaches their fundraising goal within thirty days. They currently only have two pledges for $70, but they do have nearly a month to go. As I have no idea whether or not the soap will be good, I can’t completely endorse this site. But if you do have a few dollars lying around, it might be a good idea to help a fellow bacon-lovers out. After all, you could actually get some bacon soap out of the bargain!

How do you guys feel about bacon soap? Do you want some in your life?