Well, our friends who are proposing to make Meat Soap are still only a fifth of the way toward the goal. They’ll definitely need a bit more help if they are going to reach their target by the end of the month. So if you haven’t already, go help them! But they got me thinking: are there any other bacon-scented products out there? Is there any other way we can start to smell like our favourite meat? The results of my research follow after the jump.

Bacon Is An Aphrodisiac

First of all, why would anyone want to smell like bacon? To me, the answer is obvious: because bacon smells good! But if you doubt that smelling like bacon would be a good thing, here’s a Taco Bell commercial to remind you (particularly the ladies) of the benefits of smelling like bacon:

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This topic of conversation also came up amongst these folks on the Internet: would you wear bacon-scented perfume? Although many of them seemed sceptical, some were very enthusiastic: “Dang, I think I’m in love. What a great idea… think I`ll market that. Brings a whole new meaning to ‘makin bacon.’” And this writer reports that her female coworker’s husband is bacon-obsessed: “One woman said her husband loves bacon and actually cheats on her with bacon (in a way). While she is at work, he will fry up a bunch of bacon and build himself the perfect bacon cheeseburger for his own supper. The wife said that if she dabbed bacon grease on her person instead of perfume, that would be his aphrodesiac.” Perfume and cologne makers? Here’s your chance to make the ultimate aphrodisiac!

The Current Bacon Scent Options Stink

But if you want to smell like bacon now – and don’t have the time and money to be constantly cooking bacon – your options are not that great. First of all, there’s bacon spray. The bacon spray’s benefit is that it actually exists – you can order it right now – and that it smells like bacon. The only thing is, it doesn’t appear to be a personal bacon spray: the advertisement says that it makes rooms or cars smell like bacon. They also say that it has “liquid bacon” in it. Although I love bacon, pouring actual liquid bacon all over myself does not sound good.

Bacon Solid Perfume

Another option is this bacon solid perfume. The creator of it, pinkparchmentsoaps, made it out of beeswax, emulsifying wax, sweet almond oil and bacon scent essences – pretty regular ingredients in scent and skin care products (well, except for the bacon scent essence). It may not sound that impressive, but her first client’s testimonial sounds pretty amazing: “When her husband came home he said to her, ‘WOW Honey, you smell Delicious.’” To top it off, the scent was only $2.50. Unfortunately, the scent has been sold out. But you might be able to convince pinkparchmentsoaps to start up her perfume factory if she gets enough interest (and money!).

Do you want some bacon perfume or bacon cologne? Do you think bacon scents would be the perfect aphrodisiac?