If you are a dude who is reading this who has a significant other in his life, you’ve probably messed up Valentine’s Day somehow (please don’t let me be the only one!). Maybe the reservations for your restaurant didn’t work out. Maybe you bought flowers she’s allergic to (how was I suppose to know?). Or maybe you just forgot about the whole thing (I was eating bacon, I promise). Whatever you did, you probably need to make it up to your significant other. How can you do that? By buying some bacon-flavoured candy. My best bacon-candy suggestions follow after the jump.

Once Again, Etsy Saves the Day

It seems like Etsy is run by bacon-obsessed crafters. Almost everything has something bacon-related in it! I’ve found a few items that really turn my crank. I’m sure they can be useful in any situation, particularly when you feel you’ve screwed up royally.

Caramel Assortment

Image Provided by Mugze

This caramel assortment includes several different flavours. Most importantly, it has a bacon flavour. And it’s only twelve bucks for each batch! I’m already salivating a little. The site says that you can only order one, but that’s because every batch is made to order. Email them, and they’ll whip you up a fresh pack of 30 caramels.

Peanut Butter Cups

Image Provided by New England Candy Co

Many homemade versions of candies seem like variations on storebought candies. This one is a baconified Peanut Butter Bacon Cup. They are also enormous – each one is over four inches across! Yowza! That’s some mass amounts of peanutty goodness. The cups are basically sandwiches with chocolate bread and peanut butter filling. The bacon – an applewood smoked bacon – sits in the middle, radiating happy bacon thoughts. Once again, these folks will make your cups on demand. They will, however, require about three weeks to deliver the finished product to you.

Homemade Bourbon Bacon Brittle

Image Provided by Pos Bag of Bones Bakery

For those people who don’t find brittle is enough, there’s bacon brittle. But for those who don’t find bacon brittle is enough, there’s Bourbon Bacon Brittle. With the delicious combination of applewood smoked bacon and Jack Daniel’s, this brittle will likely make your significant other forget about any of your indiscretions. In fact, there’s a chance that neither of you will remember much after scarfing down a tray of this stuff – you’ll be just that happy. If you really need to fill your mouth with Bourbon Bacon Brittle, they are even willing to sell you a half pound of it. I say go for it.

Julie’s Fudge – Chocolate Maple Bacon

Image Provided by Jewel of the Lion

When in doubt, buy fudge. And when you can buy bacon fudge, what in the gosh darn hell is stopping you from buying bacon fudge? This bacon fudge not only has bacon on top, it has deep, thick veins of bacon running through it. You also get the option of which type of bacon you want in the fudge: you can have applewood smoked bacon, pepper bacon or maple bacon. Unbiased taste tests (the creator’s brother) says that the whole thing tastes like a maple bacon doughnut. That doesn’t really help us, as no one currently sells maple bacon doughnuts in Canada. But all signs to it being delicious.

What do you think of the bacon candy? Would you buy any for your loved ones?