Although the Republic of Bacon is a largely peaceful country, we do have one source of tension that constantly simmers in the background. It is between the two halves of our great nation, and these halves reflect the two different backgrounds of our country. What is this great divide? It’s the split between back bacon and streaky bacon. Which is better?

Oath Lie

Champions and Underdogs

Streaky bacon and back bacon have been in a constant struggle for the hearts of bacon lovers. But it is an uneven battle. The battle is a battle between a Champion and the Underdog. No one doubts that streaky bacon reigns supreme as the most popular type of bacon in North America. When people draw pictures of bacon, they draw streaky bacon. Bacon scarves are made to look like streaky bacon. All of the bacon desserts we’ve talked about this week are made from streaky bacon.

But back bacon deserves its air time. It is equally delicious when compared to streaky bacon. It is versatile, and can be included in many dishes. But most people don’t think about back bacon when someone mentions “bacon.” This gives back bacon a bit of a cachet. If you eat back bacon, you are a real connoisseur. You know your bacon. You are unlike those ‘amateurs’ who only eat streaky bacon as if it were the only type of bacon out there.

Streaky and Back Bacons Reflect a West/East (maybe NW/SE) Divide

A while ago, we wrote about the difference between what the Americans think is Canadian bacon and what it actually is. While we eventually got it all sorted out, there is something to be said for the fact that Americans do like streaky bacon a lot. They even like to make maps of America out of streaky bacon. Here’s a pic.

In contrast, we Canadians know that streaky bacon, although delicious and great, will never truly be our bacon. Streaky bacon is American Bacon. And no matter how much you eat streaky bacon, you always know that there is some Canadian bacon waiting for you. It’s kinda like the CBC. We may not think about it much, but it’s always there in case we need it. It’s probably why someone decided to make a CBC logo out of Canadian bacon. (A pic of that is here.) Imagine making a CBC logo out of streaky bacon? I can’t, BECAUSE IT IS PHYSICALLY UNIMAGINABLE.

A Cup To Unite Our Republic

Of course, while we may sometimes fight about which is better – streaky or Canadian – we know that making a choice is not the be all and end all. Bacon is bacon, and it’s all good. In fact, we might want to take a page from that great international sport – Ice Hockey – and its greatest tournament, the Stanley Cup. The Stanley Cup lets us have a friendly disagreement with our neighbours about who is the best at hockey (duh, Canadians, of course). And to settle our disagreements we fight for the Stanley cup. To settle our bacon disagreements, I suggest we use the bacon Stanley Cup. Please note the mixture of back bacon and streaky bacon.

Which bacon do you think is best: streaky or back bacon?