For today’s Bacon Link Love, I thought I’d remind you about a festival we featured a few weeks ago. It’s the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, a week-long celebration of everything bacon in Des Moines, Iowa. The organizers have just released the full details of all the events they will be putting on during Bacon Week. As well, they have announced the results of a bacon poem/songwriting contest. All of the details follow after the jump.

Bacon Week is the Happiest Week of the Year

In the week preceding the official Festival day, the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival celebrates Bacon Week. (I know! Crazy.) As I said, the organizers have just released more information about it. You can find all of the details here. One of the most exciting events is a taco cook-off with bacon chorizo tacos and $2 cans of beer. There is also the Bacon Queen Contest. The winner of the Bacon Queen Contest has to “proudly represent all the great attributes of bacon.” Does such a woman exist? Does such a man exist?

Bacon Doth Make My Heart Sing

The organizers also had some free tickets that they recently wanted to give away. So what’s the best way to get people to prove their love for bacon? Apparently it’s to get them to write bacon poems! For the last few weeks, the organizers of the festival have been collecting bacon-related poems and song lyrics on their Facebook wall. The two best were promised tickets to the festival. On February 14th, the winning entries were announced: Steve Chappell and Lani Moeller. Here is a selection from their winning entries.

Lani Moeller decided to go the populist route. Some highlights for her “Bacon Got Back” (sung to the tune of “Baby Got Back”) include, “I like my bacon and I cannot lie/You other meats can’t deny” and “…And a pork belly in your face/ You get HUNGRY!” The rest of the song is here. Just a heads-up: it can get a little … spicy, due to the song it references.

Steven Chappell went a little more high brow with his. You can read all of it here, but this choice passage gives you an idea:

“Neither ribs nor shoulder can taste as fine

As crispy sowbelly hot upon plate.

Thine flavor it doth my appetite sate,

It’s vital I have thee where’er I dine.

Whether thou art smoked, broiled, grilled, baked or fried,

My meal is incomplete lest you arrive

Crispy, steaming alongside my repast.”

I think I’m going to shed a tear at this poem’s Shakespearean beauty. Bravo! To both winners.

Let’s Not Forget: Bacon Soap Needs Your Help

I’d also like to take this time to remind you that the bacon soap people still need your help! They are only a few days away from their deadline, and they still have a whack of money left to raise. Please go to their site, check it out, and think about donating. Anything bacon-related has to be for a good cause, right?